• Tumbled Aqua Aura Quartz

    for auric cleansing and peace

    $ 2.00
    This Tumbled Aqua Aura Quartz from China is like a sparkling blue ocean you can hold in your hands. Just like the ocean it resembles, aqua aura quartz is cooling, calming, clearing, and soothing. It combines the magnifying magic of quartz with the energy of...
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  • Jade Skull

    for healing, abundance, and ancient wisdom

    $ 29.00
    Do you have all your tools for shadow season? This beautiful Jade Skull is perfect for your altar. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and the jade is from China. Jade brings wellness to all facets of your life including healing and prosperity. It...
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  • Tumbled Pyrite

    for confidence and self-worth

    $ 3.00
    All that glitters is not gold - but this Tumbled Pyrite really is something special. Sourced from India, this gold-colored gem connects you to your innermost confidence and strength. It’s a stone of action, vitality and will that brings the faith and persistence needed to...
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  • Nephrite Jade: Medium Tumbled

    for renewal and success

    $ 5.00
    Achieve your goals and claim abundance with this Tumbled Nephrite Jade from Pakistan! Nephrite jade symbolizes strength, renewal, endurance, and prosperity. It brings healing, tranquility, wisdom, and financial and spiritual growth. Nephrite jade dispels negative energy while encouraging self-reflection, balance, and clarity of vision for...
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  • Red Aventurine Strength and Recovery Bracelet

    $ 8.00
    If you’re going through something challenging, work with this custom-made Red Aventurine Strength and Recovery Bracelet from India to help you stay alert and determined on your journey. Red aventurine is the ultimate “can-do” stone that clears trauma and releases pent-up toxins. It’s a stone...
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  • Red Hematoid Quartz Generator

    to channel healing and strength

    $ 13.00$ 19.00
    If you’re stressed and need some Root to Crown comfort and healing, this Red Hematoid Quartz Generator from Brazil is your tool. Red hematoid quartz grows with hematite, which is why you see the natural red inclusions. Hematite is the most grounding stone on the...
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  • Red Vein Jasper Strength and Courage Sphere

    for stability

    $ 49.00$ 69.00
    Experience renewed strength and stability with this Red Vein Jasper Strength and Courage Sphere from China. Red vein jasper is a form of brecciated jasper and chalcedony stone with swirling red veins of hematite and iron. The regenerative properties of red jasper combined with the...
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  • Red Aventurine Flame of Strength

    for perseverance

    $ 41.00$ 81.00
    You can make it through anything with this Red Aventurine Flame of Strength from Brazil. If you need to get through something challenging, red aventurine helps you stay alert and determined. It’s the ultimate “can-do” stone that clears trauma and releases stored toxins. Red aventurine...
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  • Tumbled Red Hematoid Quartz

    for strength and recovery

    $ 2.00
    If you seek greater feelings of calm, serenity, safety, and connection, this Tumbled Red Hematoid Quartz is for you. Red hematoid quartz is special because it simultaneously activates the Root and Crown Chakras, bringing stability, strength, protection, divine peace, and spiritual connection. It’s also a...
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