• Natural Lapis Lazuli

    for intuition and confidence

    $ 2.50$ 5.00
    If you haven’t already, meet the Queen’s Stone: Lapis lazuli. Lapis brings out your inner priestess, heightens intuition, and deepens wisdom and knowledge. This Natural Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan activates the Third Eye Chakra. When your Third Eye is open, you see beyond your human...
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  • Natural Blue Barite

    for spiritual exploration

    $ 9.00$ 39.00
    Don’t let the size of this Natural Blue Barite from China fool you - this is an immensely powerful tool for healing, journeying, and connecting with the higher realms. Barite activates the upper chakras and is said to originate from Atlantis. I call it the...
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  • Fire Priestess Fluorescent Sodalite Generator

    for illumination

    $ 14.00$ 24.00
    This Fire Priestess Fluorescent Sodalite Generator from China is AMAZING! This is a new source for this stone, and it’s very new to the market. It’s sodalite syenite - a super UV reactive stone, with many inclusions, including feldspar and hornblende. Under a black light,...
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  • Natural Stilbite for higher realm connection and inner wisdom

    $ 39.00$ 59.00
    If you seek a true connection to the higher realms and your own divine insight, this Natural Stilbite is your ally. With its loving, supportive energy, stilbite uplifts the spirit and gently draws upon the light of Source. It’s a gem that encourages past life...
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