• Sphinx Sticker

      for feline fun & mythical magic

      <p>This cheery die-cut sticker was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features the image of a cute kitty Sphinx. If you love to decorate your items with intention, this adorable yet potent sticker is the perfect offering for you.</p>
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    • Rudolph’s Festive Adventure Set

      for Christmastime confidence & spreading holiday cheer

      Step into the holiday spirit and sprinkle it all around with this NEW Rudolph's Festive Adventure Set! We all know the story: A reindeer with an extra-large, shiny red nose gets teased by the other reindeer, all of whom have black noses. But one foggy...
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    • Wintertime Magic Journal

      for reflections of the season

      The winter season is the perfect time for stillness, wisdom, and reflection. It presents us with a beautiful opportunity to surround ourselves with tranquil vibrations and let our spirits rest. This Wintertime Magic Journal is a great space to house your innermost thoughts and to...
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    • Moon Phase Decal

      for lunar mystery

      Do you love Moon-inspired decor as much as I do? My Moon Phase Decal is back — an all-time customer favorite! Decals are so much fun, and we love them here at Sage Goddess. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore practicing Moon...
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    • Reimagine Sticker

      for honoring your transformation

      Are you ready to transform your perspective of yourself and the world around you at the Reimagine Virtual Retreat this weekend? This gorgeous Reimagine Sticker, with stunning artwork custom-made by my team of designers, including the 2022 Reimagine retreat logo and two dragonflies, is here...
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    • No Drama Lammas Sticker

      for maintaining good vibes

      Make your summer season a drama-free zone! Only good vibes are allowed with this No Drama Lammas Sticker around. This oval sticker was custom-made by my team of designers and includes a whimsical llama and keyword magic for maintaining a chillaxed mood. As a spirit...
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