• Empath Boundary Atlantisite Bracelet

    for protection

    If you’ve been feeling vulnerable and unable to create healthy barriers, this NEW Empath Boundary Atlantisite Bracelet is the shield you need! This stretch bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features beautiful purple and green colors. The stone for this offering was sourced...
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  • Empath Boundary Stichtite Obelisks for maintaining healthy relationships

    These Empath Boundary Stichtite Obelisks are some serious powerhouse stones! Stichtite protects you from negativity, shielding your emotional body and boosting your physical resilience. It promotes the creation and maintenance of strong personal boundaries in relationships. Stichtite is also detoxifying and purifying and promotes compassion...
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  • Tumbled Stichtite

    for emotional shielding and creating strong boundaries

    Keep low vibrations out of your way with this Tumbled Stichtite. Each of these pieces is pure magic and will serve as an energetic buffer to any presence that’s not in support of your highest good. Stichtite is a Crown Chakra crystal that promotes the...
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