• Floating Metal Sphere Stand

      for holding your gemstone treasures

      <p>This gold-colored metal alloy stand is the perfect angular accent for any altar or crystal collection. It features a rectangular prism shape with strategically placed cutouts, giving the illusion that your magical spheres are levitating in your sacred space.</p>
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    • Stairway of Ascension Wooden Altar Stand

      to hold your magical treasures

      Take your gemstone collection to dazzling new heights with this Stairway of Ascension Wooden Altar Stand, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! This staircase-style altar stand is made from poplar wood and has three tiers for displaying your favorite crystals, candles, and magical tools. It’s also...
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    • Labradorite Triple Moon Heart-Shaped Sphere Stand

      Infuse your favorite crystal sphere with love, possibility, and lunar energies with this Labradorite Triple Moon Heart-Shaped Sphere Stand. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. This heart-shaped sphere stand features two engraved crescent moons - one...
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    • Enlightened Buddha Sphere Stand

      for mindfulness

      Find inner peace with this beautifully adorned Enlightened Buddha Sphere Stand. It features a seated resin Buddha with golden-colored detailing with a space for your favorite Sage Goddess gemstone spheres in front of him. Buddha is the quintessence of enlightenment. He represents your utmost, nonphysical...
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