• Petrified Wood Rune Dice for ancestral wisdom and divination work

    What message does the universe have in store for you? These Petrified Wood Rune Dice will help you to discern it! These are beautifully-faceted petrified wood pieces with the 24 runes engraved – one on each side. Petrified wood is a member of the quartz...
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  • Healing and Stability Bloodstone Corner-Cut Cubes for wholeness and security

    If you’re in the middle of processing something and need some assurance, these Healing and Stability Bloodstone Cubes are your offering! Cubes create a foundation and consolidate energy. They sit flat, no matter which side they're placed on, holding their ground. These cubes have beveled...
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  • Small Tumbled Nuummite

    for healing and protection

    Let one of the world’s oldest stones help you heal and keep you safeguarded with this Small Tumbled Nuummite from Greenland. Nuummite is a gem of healing, protection, and connection with the elders. As one of the oldest stones on the planet, it holds the...
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  • Double Terminated Petrified Wood Extractor Diamond

    for moving energy and ancestral wisdom

    If you’re looking for a tool to help remove what’s in the way of your connection to ancient and ancestral wisdom, this custom-made Double Terminated Petrified Wood Extractor Diamond is for you! This is a 6-sided, or hexagonal, extractor diamond, meant for extracting and raising...
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  • Infinite Grounding Hematite Generators for stability and abundance

    Keep your feet firmly planted as you receive everything the universe has to offer you with these Infinite Grounding Hematite Generators! These eight-sided generators were custom-made just for SG, carved out of hematite. Eight is the number of abundance and infinity. Eight represents abundant flow...
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  • Tourmalinated Quartz Amplified Protection Palm Stone

    Need some added security during rituals or everyday life? If so, this Tourmalinated Quartz Amplified Protection Palm Stone from India is the gem for you! Tourmalinated quartz is quartz with black tourmaline, two individually potent stones that, when together, bring magnified shielding power. Black tourmaline...
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  • Carnelian: Medium Tumbled

    for a new lease on life

    It’s a new year and a new lease on life with this Tumbled Carnelian! Carnelian, also known as red agate, activates the Sacral Chakra, your energy center of creativity, pleasure, sensuality, and passion. The Sacral Chakra is located in the center of your lower abdomen...
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  • Natural Tree Agate

    for stability and Earth connection

    Connect deeper with nature and the Earth with this Natural Tree Agate. Tree agate contains the ancient energies of the forest, the wisdom of the tree people, and the grounding of Earth. This is THE stability stone. I like to think of tree agate as...
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  • Vesuvianite Sex Cluster

    for passion and desire

    Ground into your deep, primal, sensual nature with this Vesuvianite Sex Cluster from Pakistan. Vesuvianite is a highly energetic stone that opens the Heart Chakra. In its red and brown variety, as in this piece, it also resonates with the Earth Star and Root Chakras....
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  • Hematite 3D Metatron’s Cube

    for grounding and angelic realm wisdom

    This Hematite 3D Metatron’s Cube from India is such a special offering and we’re so glad to have it back in stock! It was hand-carved with love just for SG and you won’t find it anywhere else. Metatron’s Cube contains all of the sacred shapes...
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  • Infinite Strength Red Jasper Generator

    for abundant restoration

    This Infinite Strength Red Jasper Generator is next up in this series and will add renewed strength, energy, and courage to your space. This eight-sided generator was custom-made just for SG, carved out of red jasper from India. Eight is the number of abundance and...
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  • “Integration” BeeBop

    for alchemizing your experiences and lessons

    All the lessons learned along the way become alchemized with this “Integration” BeeBop. This piece is part of our exclusive collection of engraved glass palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as “bee bops.” These are little pops of color...
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  • Hematite Ultimate Grounding Bracelet

    for cosmic protection

    Anchor deep and feel protected with this Hematite Ultimate Grounding Bracelet. This stretch bracelet features unique disc-shaped, faceted rondelle hematite beads - a special addition to your sacred adornment collection. Hematite is the most grounding stone on the planet! It’s a potent binder of cosmic...
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  • Pink Agate Druzy Heart

    to attract love and kindness

    Bring on the love and kindness with this pretty Pink Agate Druzy Heart! This piece is hand-carved from agate and dyed pink for added color magic. Pink represents universal love and also resonates with the Heart Chakra. It symbolizes friendship, peace, affection, and gentleness and...
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  • Purple Agate: Large Tumbled

    for deep peace and Source connection

    Surrender into the depths of peace with this gorgeous Tumbled Purple Agate. Purple agate is a crystal of the Violet Ray and is a beautiful tool to work with to access Source energy for protection and deeper levels of peace. It comes in rich colors...
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  • Red Jasper Regeneration Vogel

    for a new start with restored balance

    Are you ready to hit the restart button on something in your life? This Red Jasper Regeneration Vogel is a perfect tool for rebooting. It removes unwanted energy and restores balance and grounding. Vogel crystals are named for a very special scientist, Marcel Vogel (1917-1991)....
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