• Lapis Lazuli Spoon

      for intuition & royal power

      <p>Lapis lazuli is a beautiful blue Third Eye stone that is incredibly empowering. Work with this spoon to stir up spiritual insight and an empowering boost of regal confidence.</p>
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    • Bee Brass Spoon

      for confidence & empowerment

      <p>This intricate spoon was custom-made just for SG. It features a small scoop and an ornate handle shaped like a bee. We designed this spoon to channel the determination of bee spirit animal and the transformational magic of the Melissae.</p>
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    • Mini Quartz Spoon

      for amplified self-care

      <p>Quartz crystal is a powerful tool for expanding and intensifying the energy of anything it comes in contact with. Work with this crystal spoon to amplify your daily self-care and allow your natural radiance to shine bright!</p>
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    • Orange Aventurine Spoon

      for creativity & enthusiasm

      <p>Orange aventurine activates the Sacral Chakra, your energy center of creativity, enthusiasm, pleasure, passion, vitality, and desire. This spoon will help you start relishing your daily rituals with every swish, stir, and scoop!</p>
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    • Ganesha Brass Spoon

      for support & success

      <p>This intricate spoon was handmade just for Sage Goddess with brass from India. It features a generous circular bowl and an ornate handle in the shape of Ganesha. Its antique finish emanates wisdom and eons of insight.</p>
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    • Brass Snake Incense Spoon

      for transformation

      <p>This beautiful brass spoon was custom-made just for SG and is perfect for scooping your favorite powdered incense and resin. It features a gorgeously detailed snake as the handle.</p>
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    • Stir Your Dreams to Life Quartz Spoon

      for meaningful daily ritual

      Swish some crystal magic into your everyday rituals with this hand-carved Stir Your Dreams to Life Quartz Spoon, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It was originally part of our Discover Your Duali-Tea Gemini Full Moon Set, and we are so excited to offer it to...
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