• Oud Incense Sticks

      for deepening meditation

      My Oud Incense Sticks, originally part of my Oud-a-Palooza Set, are now available on their own! These incense sticks were lovingly handcrafted at Sage Goddess Headquarters. Oud originates from the wood of the agar tree, which is also known as “the wood of the gods.”...
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    • Oud Intention Candle

      for deep relaxation and focus

      I’m excited to bring back my Oud Intention Candle, originally part of my Oud-a-Palooza Set! ​​Oud sharpens your focus and is great to work with during contemplation. This single-wick soy blend candle was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with custom-SG artwork, earth-toned orange...
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