• Tumbled Ruby Zoisite

    for vitality, love, and growth

    Boost your passion and vitality with this Tumbled Ruby Zoisite, sourced from Tanzania! Ruby zoisite is the stone of life force. It’s about love and growth and the balance of both. Ruby and zoisite grow naturally together, and they’re the perfect combination of fire and...
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  • Divine Goddess Garnierite with Moonstone Sphere

    Step into your full, radiant power and make your deepest visions come true with this Divine Goddess Garnierite with Moonstone Sphere! It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Madagascar. Garnierite is a unique Heart Chakra gem that grounds you,...
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  • Natural Amphibole Quartz

    for releasing old patterns

    This Natural Amphibole Quartz from Brazil holds potent shielding and healing vibrations that help you release old traumas and patterns. It’s a powerful Heart Chakra stone that opens the heart space to allow divine healing to flow in. Amphibole quartz heals the energy body and...
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  • Tumbled Crinoid Fossil for grounding and inner stability

    If you’re looking for serious support as you go deeper on your soul journey then this Tumbled Crinoid Fossil is your offering. Crinoid fossils are extremely grounding and great to work with during meditation. Not only can they help transmute negative energy, but they also...
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