• Natural Blue Apatite Crystal

    for divine guidance

    Are you feeling lost? Do you need celestial direction and assistance? Then look no further - this Natural Blue Apatite Crystal from Madagascar is your perfect compass! Blue apatite is a Throat Chakra gem that helps you speak your truth and connects you with your...
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  • Blue and Purple Aura Quartz

    for calm, communication, and connection

    This Blue and Purple Aura Quartz from China is truly a wonder. No matter which side you hold or turn it in your hand, you’ll see gorgeous and rich hues of teal blue and purple. Teal blue and purple aura quartz is created when clear...
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  • Tumbled Blue Apatite

    for celestial connection and intuition

    Connect with your intuition and the powers-that-be with this Tumbled Blue Apatite! Blue apatite is a guidance stone and brings the wisdom of teachers, spirit guides, elders, angels, and archangels. We all have spirit guides who want to help us embody our highest purpose. They’re...
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  • Angel Aura Moss Agate: Medium Tumbled

    for divine healing

    Are you in need of deep, profound healing? Then this Tumbled Angel Aura Moss Agate is your ally! Angel aura moss agate is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to moss agate. With the iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows, angel aura moss agate...
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  • Blue Tanzanite Ascension and Alchemy Ring

    for spiritual transformation

    Get ready for true spiritual transformation with this Blue Tanzanite Ascension and Alchemy Ring. This gorgeous ring is adjustable and set in .925 sterling silver and features a natural blue tanzanite stone, a powerful healing gem, and Third Eye Chakra stone. It’s a gem of...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Multi-Color Tanzanite Crystal

    to manifest and heal

    Manifest, heal, and transform with this incredible Multi-Color Tanzanite Crystal! This exclusive offering is part of our FIRST-EVER Sage Goddess Online Tucson Gem & Mineral Show! I know it’s a lot of exclamation marks but we’re excited - this is a SUPER RARE tanzanite crystal...
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  • Tucson Exclusive: Blue Tanzanite Crystal

    for spiritual alchemy

    Support your process of spiritual alchemy with this stunning Blue Tanzanite Crystal! This exclusive premium quality gem is part of our FIRST-EVER Sage Goddess Online Tucson Gem & Mineral Show! Tanzanite is a stone of spiritual protection, alchemy, transformation, manifestation, and inspiration. It’s a powerful...
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  • Psychic Power Dumortierite Flame

    to enhance focus, insight, and intuition

    Burn away anything that prevents you from tapping powerfully into your insight and intuition with this gorgeous Psychic Power Dumortierite Flame. Dumortierite is a stone of psychic ability, divine inspiration, higher guidance, and mental discipline. It engages and activates the Third Eye Chakra, bringing enhanced...
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  • Natural Phosphosiderite

    for the best past-life recall stone you can work with

    Do you desire to know and remember more about your past incarnations? If so, this Natural Phosphosiderite is for you! Phosphosiderite is the best past life stone you can work with! It’s one of the few stones that activates both the Crown and Soul Star...
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  • Rhyolite Skull

    for ancestral connection and channeling past lives

    This Rhyolite Skull is a special kind of magic. Rhyolite is a carrier of joy, hope, and wisdom. Working with it, you can discover your interconnection with nature and realize the endless wisdom and power that exist in this physical realm. It’s also a powerful...
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  • Aura Dream Amethyst Spheres

    for higher realm connection and intuition

    You’ll be mesmerized and captivated by these Aura Dream Amethyst Spheres! With shimmery swirls of pinks and purples, these tools are truly dreamy and magical. Aura dream amethyst is created when dream amethyst is bonded with metals, creating an iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows. Aura...
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