• Tumbled Turitella Agate for healing old wounds and bringing back wisdom from beyond

    $ 1.00
    50 million years of magic - that is what you find in turitella agate, which is composed of ancient fossilized shells held within a matrix of chalcedony and quartz. How many lifetimes have you lived while these pieces formed within the earth? Each piece contains...
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  • Gemstone butterfly wings for protection, peace, and transformation

    $ 300.00$ 900.00
    These gemstone butterfly wings are one word: Breathtaking. These beautiful gemstone slices come on a custom metal stand and resemble a butterfly’s wings. Each of the slices varies and is made of either amethyst, agate, calcite, quartz, and more! If the butterfly is your spirit...
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  • Mega Shiva Lingam for activating sexual expression and attraction

    $ 900.00
    These mega shiva lingam specimens absolutely live up to their name. They are some of the largest I’ve ever encountered, and their energy is SO POTENT. Measuring a whopping (approx.) 24" in length, and weighing in the very heavy neighborhood of 185 lbs., (luckily shipping...
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  • Ancient Roman Glass for alchemy, transformation, and timeless beauty

    $ 59.00
    This Ancient Roman Glass is breathtaking and so enchanting. I don’t even know how to begin describing this offering. This is actual Ancient Roman Glass in beautiful peacock colors. Made from fragments of glass that were originally part of wine bottles, these Ancient Roman Glass...
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