• 528 Hz Golden Wah Wah Tube

    for Solar Plexus healing

    $ 59.00
    This custom Sage Goddess 528 Hz Golden Wah Wah Tube is tuned to the Solar Plexus Chakra frequency to activate willpower, confidence, and manifestation. Solar Plexus Chakra energies bring courage, positivity, power, and strength. 528 Hz is also known as the “love” frequency and carries...
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  • Diamantina Singing Quartz Point

    to heal and raise the vibe

    $ 3.00$ 24.00
    This Diamantina Singing Quartz Point is a special and rare variety of quartz that comes from only one mine in Diamantina, Brazil. It’s called “singing quartz” because it makes an atypical singing sound when you strike two of them together. Singing quartz harmonizes your space...
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  • 852 Hz Indigo Wah Wah Tube

    for psychic awakening

    $ 59.00
    An entire universe exists beyond what we can see with our human eyes, and this custom Sage Goddess 852 Hz Indigo Wah Wah Tube will help you see it with brilliant, vivid vision. Wah wah tubes produce smooth, bell-like tones that reverberate beautifully, deepening meditation...
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  • Shaman Drum Beat Journey Music for meditation and spiritual connection

    $ 2.00
    Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow the potent magic of this Shaman Drum Beat Journey Music to move you deep into meditation. I drum during ritual and events to call in the wisdom of the spirit guides, ancestors, and elders, and to...
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