• Clear Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Queen’s Wand

    $ 79.00$ 89.00
    Bring forth and expand into your royal, regal self with this Clear Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Queen’s Wand from India. This gorgeous wand was custom-made for SG and is for every woman who is in tune with her true nature AND for those who...
  • AAA-Grade Water Quartz Amplification Palm Stone

    $ 7.00
    You’re in flow with mega-magnified intentions with this AAA-Grade Water Quartz Amplification Palm Stone from India. This gem is the absolute highest quality you can find. Water quartz is a variety of clear quartz, with all the same properties. Clear quartz is the most popular...
  • Apophyllite Ascension Point

    to elevate consciousness

    $ 3.00$ 6.00
    This Apophyllite Ascension Point from India is a potent talisman that will help you elevate your consciousness. Apophyllite is an ascension stone known as a “pyramid of light.” It purifies, connects you to Source energy, and promotes psychic development and presence. This sparkling gem centers...
  • Lazurite in Quartz Cosmic Reboot Flame

    for repatterning

    $ 34.00$ 124.00
    Ever wish you could push the rewind button on life? This Lazurite in Quartz Cosmic Reboot Flame will help you do just that! This lazurite in quartz is a new find from Brazil! It contains greater levels of quartz (about 50 percent), making it super...
  • Green Thumb Goddess Crystal Plant Stick

    for inspiration

    $ 19.00
    Give your garden some extra love with this Green Thumb Goddess Crystal Plant Stick from India. Custom-carved for SG from clear quartz, rose quartz, green aventurine, and moss agate, this stick will give your garden the boost it needs to flourish. Each stick features gold-colored...
  • Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Full

    for celebration

    $ 5.50
    I love moon magic and that’s why I created a collection of Moon Phase Gemstone Trios. This Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Full honors the full moon phase, when the Moon is at its brightest. When the Moon is full, it’s in its whole radiance and...
  • Clear Quartz Great Luck Ganesha

    to magnify success

    $ 29.00
    Overcome barriers with ease and turn the dial up on your success with this Clear Quartz Great Luck Ganesha from India! Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good reason! It amplifies, magnifies, and you can program it to do almost anything. Ganesha is...
  • Natural Pakimer Diamond

    for elevated vibrations and psychic channeling

    $ 2.00$ 4.00
    Keep your energetic resonance and vibration high with this gorgeous Natural Pakimer Diamond. Pakimer diamond? What’s that?! Well, it’s like a Herkimer diamond that’s mined in Pakistan instead of Herkimer, New York. (Get it? Pakimer, Herkimer? You got it!) It’s new to SG and has...
  • Zeus’ Wand with Zeus Perfume

    for the strength of the gods

    $ 49.00$ 79.00
    Are you ready to magnify your magic quicker than you can say “Mount Olympus”? If so, this Zeus' Wand with Zeus Perfume is your offering. This wand from India was custom-made for SG from clear quartz. Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good...
  • Libyan Tektite Astral Travel Necklaces

    for interdimensional intelligence

    $ 950.00
    Tap into the intelligence of the cosmos with these mysterious Libyan Tektite Astral Travel Necklaces. Tektites are glass-like objects created by meteorite collisions with terrestrial rocks. Libyan tektites are the rarest of all tektites, including moldavite. They’re over millions of years old, formed in the...
  • Natural Pollucite

    for angelic connection and developing your psychic gifts

    $ 14.00$ 69.00
    The celestial realms are here to help your psychic abilities grow with this Natural Pollucite from Pakistan! Pollucite is a super RARE stone in the zeolite family. It’s a high vibrational gem that facilitates angelic connection and psychic and mediumship development. Pollucite is a potent...
  • Natural Clear Quartz Point

    for expanding and amplifying your intentions

    $ 1.50
    Amplify and direct the energy of your altar, sacred space, and more with this Natural Clear Quartz Point from Brazil. Crystal points are great tools for directing energy. They harness the output of energy, and you can work with them to send that energy wherever...
  • Dream Amethyst Higher Realm Protection Buddha

    for mindfulness

    $ 29.00
    You’re covered, you’re held, and you’re wrapped in peace - that’s the medicine and message of this Dream Amethyst Higher Realm Protection Buddha. Dream amethyst activates the Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star Chakras. It connects you to the higher realms, your angels, and spirit...
  • Scolecite Lineage Healing Heart

    for restoring ancestral connections

    $ 12.00$ 19.00
    Are you ready to transmute and heal ancestral wounds and traumas? If so, this Scolecite Lineage Healing Heart from India is for you! Scolecite is an ascension stone that embodies universal consciousness and channels inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. It facilitates deep lineage and ancestral...
  • Star Mica Cluster

    for higher realm connection and guidance

    $ 2.00$ 49.00
    Connect to the higher realms for guidance with this Star Mica Cluster from Brazil. Star mica, also known as yellow muscovite or star muscovite, is a gem that grows in a crystalline structure resembling a star. A stone of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras,...
  • Athena’s Magical Quartz Pendulum

    for amplifying psychic abilities

    $ 399.00
    Get ready to swing into action again with Athena’s Magical Quartz Pendulum! This pendulum is so powerful (and popular!), I had to bring it back. This faceted clear quartz pendulum is set in an intricate .925 sterling silver frame and it’s filled with crystal magic!...

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