• Tumbled Nellite for Major Growth and Transformation

    Unlock all kinds of new possibilities with this Tumbled Nellite for Major Growth and Transformation — the sky is the limit with this one! Nellite, also known as golden skies pietersite, is a stone that supports you through times of major change and personal evolution....
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  • Embraced by Beauty Golden Shawl

    for sacred adornment

    If you missed my Chill Out and Choose Luxury Taurus Full Moon Set, now’s your chance to get in on the magic! Envelop yourself in comfort and splendor with this gorgeous Embraced by Beauty Golden Shawl. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this shawl comes in...
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  • Tumbled Heliodor with Aquamarine

    for confidence & creativity

    Even the most creative people experience self-doubt sometimes. This Tumbled Heliodor with Aquamarine, sourced from Namibia, will bring you the self-confidence you need to tap into your imagination and intuition and bring your ideas to life! Both heliodor and aquamarine are varieties of beryl, but...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Natural Kundalini Citrine Point

    to awaken personal power

    Another gorgeous treasure from Tucson! Unleash your personal power and wield mighty manifestation energy with this Natural Kundalini Citrine Point. Kundalini citrine is rare and only found in Congo, and it’s prized for its powerful kundalini moving energy. Citrine, in general, is a powerful tool...
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  • Natural Magical Citrine Point

    for powerful manifestation

    Citrine is already a powerful tool for manifesting prosperity and abundance, but this Natural Magical Citrine Point is really EXTRA SPECIAL! Citrine’s sunny and bright disposition imparts wonder, delight, and enthusiasm — and draws money like a magnet. This offering also comes with a magical...
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  • Polished Smoky Congo Citrine Point

    for prosperity

    Clear the way to great abundance with this gorgeous Polished Smoky Congo Citrine Point. This gem is a mega manifestation stone from the most remote regions of the Congo. Smoky citrine is a blend of smoky quartz and citrine – two crystals I consider crucial...
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  • Courage and Wisdom Tiger’s Eye Palm Stone

    When life feels challenging, and you need strength and foresight to move forward, this Courage and Wisdom Tiger's Eye Palm Stone will be your companion. The stone for this potent carving was sourced from India. Tiger’s eye is a gem of empowerment associated with Athena,...
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  • Tiger’s Eye Reiki Pyramid

    for empowerment and vitality

    Whether you’re an experienced healer in search of a gem to assist your practice or are simply looking to strengthen and rejuvenate your own body, mind, and spirit, this Tiger’s Eye Reiki Pyramid is the perfect tool. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess,...
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  • “Solstice” Mini BeeBop

    to celebrate the Sun

    Whether you’re celebrating the longest day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere or the shortest day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, this “Solstice” Mini BeeBop is perfect to honor this time of year! This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of engraved...
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  • Wellness and Abundance Golden Healer Quartz Generator

    The simplest way to attract prosperity is to prioritize physical and spiritual health. This Wellness and Abundance Golden Healer Quartz Generator from Brazil is a reminder that when you take care of your body, mind, and spirit, the rest will come naturally. Golden healer quartz...
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  • Citrine Mini Sphere

    for BIG money magic

    Big things come in small packages, and this Citrine Mini Sphere packs a punch! It’s a powerful tool for manifestation and perfect for harnessing the energies of expansion and fruition. This powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone was sourced from India. Some of these pieces...
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  • Banded Golden Calcite Power Pyramid

    for a vortex of healing energy

    Heal the mother wound with this Banded Golden Calcite Power Pyramid. Golden, or honey calcite, is a stone that empowers your creative flow, raises your vibration, and helps heal maternal relationships. The pyramid is a sacred symbol across many cultures and has been for millennia....
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  • Libyan Gold Tektite Pendulum for Otherworldly Divination

    Tap into out-of-this-world wisdom with this Libyan Gold Tektite Pendulum for Otherworldly Divination. Custom-made for SG just for our 12th anniversary, this stunning pendulum features a 12-sided Libyan gold tektite — a gem that brings interdimensional and cosmic awareness. It has an attached .925 sterling...
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  • Natural Etched Sphalerite

    to ground and stabilize energy

    Ground yourself while energizing your spirit with this Natural Etched Sphalerite. Sphalerite is usually found in Spain, but this is a new rare discovery from Afghanistan — and it’s etched! Etched gemstones hold ancient wisdom. They help create and maintain physical and energetic boundaries around...
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  • Mookaite Jasper Fountain of Youth Vogel

    for rejuvenation

    Need an infusion of youthful energy? Feel replenished and rejuvenated with this NEW Mookaite Jasper Fountain of Youth Vogel! The stone for this gorgeous carving was sourced from Australia. More than anything, maintaining beauty and youthfulness is a matter of how you feel about yourself....
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  • Activation 11 Crystal Quad

    for ascension

    If you’re ready to catapult your soul’s journey, ascend to new spiritual heights, and deepen your psychic awareness and connection to Source, this Activation 11 Crystal Quad is here to guide you! This crystal quad is truly unlike anything I’ve ever had in the shop...
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