• Tumbled Bumblebee Jasper

    for creativity, will, and zest

    This Tumbled Bumblebee Jasper is a striking, rare piece of crystal magic. Bumblebee jasper is not easy to source because the mine is inside an active Indonesian volcano. Despite its name, it’s not jasper - it’s formed from a mixture of volcano lava and sediment....
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  • Egyptian Power Pillars for flow of energy, confidence, and strength

    These Egyptian Power Pillars are potent tools for connecting to ancient technology and unlocking the wisdom nestled within your very self. Carved from yellow aventurine, each of these pieces carries the strengthening and confidence-boosting properties of yellow aventurine and the energy-conducting power of the obelisk....
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  • Tumbled Smoky Citrine

    for manifesting your dreams

    Manifest your dreams with this stunning Tumbled Smoky Citrine from Zambia, Africa. Smoky citrine is a blend of smoky quartz and citrine – two crystals I consider crucial to any collection. This gem absorbs negative energy, clearing and purifying the aura, and draws money magic,...
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  • Yellow Aura Quartz Point

    for manifesting positivity

    Manifest positivity and let your inner sun shine with this Yellow Aura Quartz Point. Aura quartz is created when clear quartz is bonded with metals, creating an iridescent metallic sheen and reflection of brilliant rainbows. Clear quartz amplifies energies and intentions. The aura treatment stimulates...
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  • Simbercite with Pyrite Shamanic Power Pendant

    Awaken your inner shaman with this sterling silver Simbercite with Pyrite Shamanic Power Pendant. Shamans are wise people who connect with nature and the spirit world, as a channel, to guide, protect, and heal their communities. This breathtaking piece combines simbercite, a very powerful shamanic...
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  • Tumbled Spessartine Garnet in Limestone

    for manifestation

    Ready to make your wishes come true? This Tumbled Spessartine Garnet in Limestone from Namibia will help you do it. Spessartine garnet is known as the “garnet of the sun” and encourages confidence, optimism, and your more daring side. It’s a manifestation stone that helps...
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  • Tumbled Sunset Sodalite

    for releasing fear

    Sunset sodalite is the most powerful stone for releasing fear. It also promotes and enhances intuition, presence, leadership, and creativity. Do you struggle with making confident, clear decisions? Do you find yourself double-thinking your ideas during work or creative projects? Sunset sodalite is a stone...
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  • Natural Nigerian Orange Spessartine Garnet

    My, my, my - isn’t this Natural Nigerian Orange Spessartine Garnet GORGEOUS?! Spessartine garnet is traditionally a reddish-orange color and to see it in such a rich orange state is a treat - just like watching the sunset. No wonder it’s known as the “garnet...
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  • Tumbled Yellow Fluorite

    for purpose, wealth, and abundance

    Invoke wealth and plenty with this Tumbled Yellow Fluorite from China. Yellow fluorite is a manifestation, abundance, and money drawing gem. After citrine, it’s the second most important crystal for manifesting wealth and financial abundance. Like all fluorite, yellow fluorite also helps you find and...
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  • Tumbled Yellow Sapphire

    for optimism and good fortune

    If you’re looking to see things in a more positive light and effortlessly manifest your desires, this Tumbled Yellow Sapphire is your ally. This stone was sourced from India and is perfect for boosting physical energy and your manifestation abilities. In its yellow variety, sapphire...
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  • Graceful Aging Mookaite Jasper Vogel

    for eternal youth

    Ready for a beauty secret? Allow me to introduce you to this Graceful Aging Mookaite Jasper Vogel! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Australia. You can work with this tool to extract, shift, and heal heavy energies...
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  • Sweet Bee Manifestation Set

    for ritual with Athena

    If you’re ready to receive and experience your own dreams coming true, I would love for you to join me in my FREE Sweet Bee Manifestation Class. The tools in this Sweet Bee Manifestation Set were intentionally created to complement the ceremony and assist you...
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  • Natural Cognac Citrine

    for mega-manifestation

    Manifest all the good things with this Natural Cognac Citrine! This is Brazilian cognac citrine, SUPER special, and named after its coloring, which resembles high-quality cognac. This gem is a rare find, gorgeous and shadowy. It increases mental clarity and attracts prosperity into your life....
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  • Healer’s Gold Pocket Wand

    for overall wellness

    This Healer's Gold Pocket Wand from India is here to channel health and harmony! This wand is made of healer’s gold, including the point and sphere, with silver-plated copper. Healer’s gold is a helpful ally for anyone who engages in healing work. It boosts the...
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  • Tumbled Blue Pietersite: Medium

    for peace and intuition

    If you need peace, enhanced intuition, and transformation in your life, this Tumbled Blue Pietersite is the stone for you! This beautiful stone was sourced from Namibia, South Africa. Blue pietersite activates the Third Eye Chakra for expanded vision and awareness and the Solar Plexus...
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  • Empowered Goddess Pyrite in Quartz Sphere

    for confidence

    Radiate confidence and authority with this Empowered Goddess Pyrite in Quartz Sphere. This gorgeous stone was sourced from China. Pyrite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra for confidence, inner strength, and self-worth. It’s the glittering stone of possibility and potential that encourages you to shine in...
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