• Abalone Shell

      for holding smudge bundles and tools

      <p>Ethically sourced from Vietnam, this offering makes an ideal altarpiece and will help you beautifully honor and evoke the magic of water and the nurturing, compassionate, and fluid energy that this element holds.</p>
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    • Mega Money Incense Sticks

      to attract prosperity

      Attract amazing abundance with My Mega Money Incense Sticks! These incense sticks were hand-crafted in small batches right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and are the ultimate in prosperity magic. They’re infused with a long-time Sage Goddess customer favorite, Mega Money Perfume: A wealth-attracting blend...
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    • Ceramic Box Incense Burner

      for energetic clearing

      Purify your space and harness the magic of aromatherapy with this Ceramic Box Incense Burner! This burner contains a fireproof pad to place your incense on, and it’s perfect for burning your favorite incense sticks or incense ropes. You can choose between three different burner...
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    • Vetiver Infused Palo Santo

      for clearing and stability

      This Vetiver Infused Palo Santo is BACK! This sacred wood has a deep, rich fragrance, and is a potent tool to add to your cleansing rituals. Essential oil-infused palo santo is something special, custom-made here at Sage Goddess. It took us months to cultivate this...
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