• Glass Skull Chalices for Mardi Gras

    $ 15.00$ 25.00
    These glass skull chalices for Mardi Gras are awesome. The first time I poured wine into one of them I was a bit giddy—and then the wine kicked in and I was even giddier. 🙂 These clear, delicate glasses honor one of my favorite wild and...
  • Sunstone Skulls for leadership, optimism, and empowerment

    $ 29.00
    Okay, these sunstone skulls are mega, mega, mega magic. This stone is important to my work as it brings forth the magic of openness, warmth, and the willingness to help others. This is also a great stone for developing leadership and organizational skills.  Undeniable crystal...
  • Nuumite Skulls for sorcery and channeling spirit messages

    $ 17.00
    Okay, these nuumite skulls are mega, mega, mega magic for any spell casting, invocations, circle keeping, ritual practice, and Spirit Realm contact. Undeniable crystal power and skull energy happening here – there’s a reason they call this The Sorcerer’s Stone. And the potent magic of...

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