• Shiva Lingam Gemstone Chakra Box – Pack of 6

    $ 9.00
    Qty- 6 Suggested Retail Price- $3 A great grab and go item! This printed description gem box includes the stone description and properties with a pocket sized stone inside. Shiva Lingam is the integration of divine feminine and masculine; this stone is brimming with Kundalini,...
  • Mega Shiva Lingam for activating sexual expression and attraction

    $ 900.00
    These mega shiva lingam specimens absolutely live up to their name. They are some of the largest I’ve ever encountered, and their energy is SO POTENT. Measuring a whopping (approx.) 24" in length, and weighing in the very heavy neighborhood of 185 lbs., (luckily shipping...
  • Tumbled Shiva Lingam for an explosive Sacral awakening

    $ 4.00
    What can I say about these tumbled Shiva lingam specimens other than every person alive needs one. Or two. This is the sex stone, and it single-handedly rises the Kundalini or sexual energy center that resides in each of us. Are you ready for sexual...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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