• Tumbled Rutilated Quartz

    for transformation

    Listen closely – this Tumbled Rutilated Quartz is BACK with a transformational message for you! Rutilated quartz is a combination of quartz and rutile. Quartz is a crystallized form of silicon dioxide, and rutile is a needle-like inclusion made from titanium dioxide, adding properties of...
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  • Tumbled Snowflake Obsidian for revealing what you need to know

    Tumbled snowflake obsidian is powerful medicine. Nothing hides or is hidden from it. It shows you what you need to know about yourself and others, allowing you to gain great clarity about people, places, and events. Snowflake obsidian is a wonderful tool for shadow work;...
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  • All Hallow’s Eve Perfume

    to honor this sacred day

    My All Hallow’s Eve Perfume is BACK and ready to help you honor this sacred day. This custom Sage Goddess fall potion is blended right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of brown sugar, pumpkin, and cedar. The etymology of Halloween, or Hallowe’en, is...
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  • Faceted Black Obsidian Protection Sphere

    for safeguarding

    Do I have a stunning surprise for you! This Faceted Black Obsidian Protection Sphere is stunning, and the stone for this carving was sourced from India. This is an excellent tool for shadow work. Our shadow is the collective part of ourselves that we repress...
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  • Hecate Perfume

    for release and transformation

    It’s BACK! Named after the Greek goddess of the night, moon, crossing over, witchcraft, magic, and the unseen, my Hecate Perfume was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters to honor both mystery and transformation. She embodies the last phase of the harvest season –...
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  • Morgana Perfume

    for exploring your shadow

    I’m bringing back one of my MOST POPULAR scents, perfect for the upcoming shadow season! The shadow season, from fall through to winter, challenges us to face our inner truth and is never satisfied with what lies at the surface. I named this fragrance after...
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  • Black Jade Bowl with White Sage Smudge Bundle

    If you’re being called to do shadow work, this Black Jade Bowl with White Sage Smudge Bundle is your offering. This bowl was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Pakistan. Shadow work helps you bring all parts of yourself into the...
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  • Rutilated Smoky Quartz Transformation Cluster

    Need a change? This Rutilated Smoky Quartz Transformation Cluster from Brazil will give you the courage to move forward while protecting you from any low vibrations holding you back. Smoky quartz is a stone of grounding, purification, and protection that absorbs and transmutes the energies...
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  • Golden Sheen Obsidian Natural-Sided Generator

    for shadow work

    This Golden Sheen Obsidian Natural-Sided Generator was custom-made for Sage Goddess in Mexico, and it’s a powerful tool for shadow work. Golden sheen obsidian cleanses the auric field and transmutes low vibrations, helping you overcome judgment, fear, and uncertainty and rise into a more illuminated...
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  • Picasso Jasper Integration Sphere

    to connect with all parts of yourself

    Bring all parts of yourself together with this Picasso Jasper Integration Sphere! Picasso jasper is a stone of shadow integration, which is ultimately learning to love yourself as you are. Meditate with this sphere to bridge every part of yourself and step into acceptance and...
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  • Dirty Persephone Perfume for protection and honoring the light within

    My new Dirty Persephone Perfume honors and celebrates the light within each of us, especially as we continue to descend into the shadow season. Persephone personifies joy, freedom, life, and every flourishing seed. She’s also a symbol of integration and a powerful role model of...
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  • Indian Picasso Jasper Shadow Integration Generators for balance

    The beauty of this time of year is that it allows us to embody all aspects of ourselves - the light and dark, the savory and unsavory - without judgment. These Indian Picasso Jasper Shadow Integration Generators are the perfect tools to work with as...
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  • Natural Snowflake Obsidian for shadow integration and insight

    This Natural Snowflake Obsidian is a potent tool to work with if you’re looking to dive deep into your inner work and healing. Snowflake obsidian is a great gem for shadow work, integrating what’s been hidden or repressed. This Root Chakra stone is grounding and...
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  • Shadow Shift Stickers for illumination and transformational work

    From September to November, Soul Shift will become Soul Shift Shadow Series and these stickers celebrate the launch of this new phase. This is the time we’re called to go deep within to uncover all that has been hidden in the shadows and is ready...
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