• 1001 Nights Perfume

    for arousing passion and pleasure

    The magic of my 1001 Nights Perfume is BACK and its seductive and sensual fragrance is hypnotizing. We love stories here at Sage Goddess and this offering was inspired by a GREAT one! I created my 1001 Nights Perfume to capture the mystery and enchantment...
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  • Mushroom Magic Perfume

    to open doors of possibility

    My Mushroom Magic Perfume, originally part of my Ostara White Rabbit Set, is BACK.  This gorgeous fragrance is blended with notes of labdanum, violet, amyris, and MULTIPLE forms of mushrooms to elevate your consciousness and raise your vibration. I’ve also included a special note: Cepes...
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  • Copal Perfume

    for purification and positivity

    Purify yourself and invite positive vibrations with the return of my Copal Perfume. This fragrance is blended with essential oils of frankincense, mugwort, and balsam copaiba. It’s a beautiful and soft way to clear stagnant energies and open channels for peace, love, and light. If...
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  • Alkalize Perfume

    for relaxation, detoxification, and revitalization

    How are you preserving your energy? How do you take care of yourself? My Alkalize Perfume is a beautiful essential oil blend that’s so powerful and necessary for this time. It will help detoxify, energize, and support you through transition, transformation, and much more. This...
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  • Enter the Temple Perfume

    for returning to the mystery and magic within

    When we lose sight of mystery, we lose sight of hope. Mystery is what keeps us engaged and alive. It’s all that remains unspoken and invisible to the eye. Priestesses are and have always been the keepers of mystery. When you lose sight of hope,...
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  • 1111 Perfume Blended by Athena

    for ultimate manifestation

    Anoint with the magic of the number 11, the ultimate manifestation number, with my 1111 Perfume! I hand-blended this fragrance to harness the numerical vibration of 11, considered a master number that holds extraordinary power. 11/11 is one of my favorite days of the year...
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  • Return Perfume

    to journey back after spiritual work

    It’s time to come home with my Return Perfume! This is like nothing you’ve ever smelled from SG before - truly a new and powerful blend for your collection. In journey, there’s a callback, or signal, to come back to who and where you are,...
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  • Sweet Spirit Benevolence Oil Blend for attracting positive energy

    I say it often - the oils come through me, but often aren't "my idea." I channel messages from my guides about what is to become, to be created, to be made available. And this Sweet Spirit Benevolence Oil Blend is a prime example. When...
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  • Athena’s 2019 Perfume Favorites 25% Off Sale for magical fragrance mania

    I’m so excited about this special offering! For the first time in SG history, I’ve handpicked a few of my FAVORITE perfumes of 2019 and am offering them at 25% off! This Athena’s 2019 Perfume Favorites 25% Off Sale features selected perfumes that, once they’re...
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  • Sage Goddess Day and Night Perfumes for peace and sweet serenity

    Have you honored your unique duality lately? We all have our light and dark sides, our day and night aspects of ourselves and our energy fields - that’s why I created my limited edition Sage Goddess Day and Night Perfumes. These are the most beautiful...
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