• Devi Perfume

    for grounding into and honoring Mama Earth

    $ 39.00
    My newest blend, Devi Perfume, is a tribute to Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama, the one with many names. This blend embodies the grounding, nourishing, and creative energies of Devi, the Mother Goddess. It’s a perfect perfume to adorn yourself and your gems with on Earth...
  • Cherry Blossom Perfume

    for hope and gratitude

    $ 39.00
    My Cherry Blossom Perfume is BACK and will have your spirit blooming with hope and gratitude! To me, the cherry blossom is the consummate sign of spring. When you see this gorgeous flower blooming, you know that winter is waning and warmer days are just...
  • Soul’s Kiss Perfume

    for arousing sensuality and passion

    $ 34.00
    My Soul’s Kiss Perfume is BACK and this time in a bigger bottle for more sensuality and passion! This perfume is seriously a SEDUCTIVE potion that will intoxicate your pleasure centers! There’s just no other way to put it. I blended this tantalizing oil-based perfume...
  • Song of Eos Perfume

    for illuminating your path

    $ 37.00
    If you missed out on March’s Full Moon tools that I’m working with in ritual tonight, don’t worry! You can still experience my Song of Eos Perfume, which is now available on its own. This perfume was originally part of my Full Moon Goddess Series:...
  • Moldavite Perfume

    for extraterrestrial wisdom and spiritual growth

    $ 39.00
    Avail yourself to extraterrestrial wisdom with the return of my Moldavite Perfume! With notes like helichrysum, rose, frankincense oman, and fossilized amber, it’s here to take you beyond the mundane to the supernatural. Each bottle is infused with a moldavite chip stone, the gem of...
  • Song of Hera Perfume

    to boost your commitment to yourself and others

    $ 37.00
    If you missed out on February’s Full Moon tools that I’m working with in ritual tonight, don’t worry! You can still experience my Song of Hera Perfume, which is now available on its own. This perfume was originally part of my Full Moon Goddess Series:...
  • Camino Perfume

    for supporting and illuminating your way

    $ 32.00
    Prepare to be awakened and comforted on the journey with my Camino Perfume. Camino means "the way" and this beautiful blend is here to help you along yours. We each have our own path but some days we need help to find it. This powerful...
  • Roots of Love Perfume

    for anchoring into the origins of love

    $ 39.00$ 49.00
    Love thrives best when it has a steady and sturdy foundation to build upon, and my Roots of Love Perfume captures this truth in a bottle! This perfume was blended purely to help you anchor deeper into the origin of love. It’s a gorgeous scent...
  • Elder Council Perfume

    for deeper spiritual connection with your guides

    $ 39.00
    My Elder Council Perfume is BACK and as powerful as it's ever been! Elder Council is a meditation journey I take my Soul Shift students through to help them access their spirit guides. I created this perfume with more than twenty notes to honor the...
  • Wings of Love Perfume

    for empowering your desires

    $ 39.00$ 49.00
    Empower your desires and connections to soar with this enchanting Wings of Love Perfume! This transcendent blend features a very rare mango note, the star of the show, alongside petitgrain, pink lotus, rose, amber, jasmine, and a touch of oud. These notes are suspended in...
  • Odin’s Wand with Free Odin Perfume

    for enhanced vision and protection

    $ 49.00$ 69.00
    Are you ready to access your inner warrior and enhance your vision? If so, this Odin’s Wand with Free Odin Perfume is your offering. This wand was custom-made for SG from iolite, also known as cordierite. Wands are used for opening and closing a circle...
  • Siddhartha Perfume

    to invoke the Buddha’s compassionate medicine

    $ 14.00
    Invoke the Buddha’s medicine of love, compassion, and light with my Siddhartha Perfume. The Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, was born in 623 BC under the Sal tree in Nepal. I was able to source the essential oil from the resin of this tree...
  • Pythia Perfume

    for awakening psychic and intuitive abilities

    $ 39.00
    Are you ready to open your Third Eye Chakra and unlock your innermost psychic abilities? Do you wish to heighten and hone your intuition? I believe everyone has innate psychic powers waiting to bloom. My Pythia Perfume embodies the divine wisdom of the Grecian Pythia....
  • Azteca Perfume

    for inner power and channeling ancient wisdom

    $ 39.00
    Uncover your inner power (with the help of some ancient wisdom!) with the return of my Azteca Perfume. The Aztec Empire was one of vibrance and power – and its people were characterized by their deep spirituality, unmatched perseverance, and sacred connection to the Earth....
  • Medicine Space Perfume

    for healing and protection

    $ 34.00
    My Medicine Space Perfume is BACK and essential for anyone who works within the realm of healing. This perfume was carefully crafted to bring protection, love, and light to your work. Each bottle is blended with notes of tobacco, white sage, palo santo, rose, lavender,...
  • Migraine Relief Perfume

    to soothe and ease headaches

    $ 32.00
    My Migraine Relief Perfume is BACK and here to soothe any extra tension brought on by the holiday season. I created this fragrance by combining essential oils from around the world to offer a blend of scents that will soothe you, easing the stinging pain...

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