• Crystal Masters Palm Stone Palmistry Grid Set

    for divination and healing

    Take a peek into your future with this Crystal Masters Palm Stone Palmistry Grid Set. This set was part of my 2020 Crystal Masters program for August, “Healing through alternative modalities,” and is now available as a stand-alone offering. It features eight palm stones corresponding...
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  • Orchid Calcite Obelisks for channeling protection, vitality, and balance

    These Orchid Calcite Obelisks were originally part of Soul Shift Crystal Masters May class tools, and now they're available on their own! Orchid calcite is a combination of two powerhouse crystals - orange calcite and black tourmaline. This stone is passionate and protective, energizing and...
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  • “Crystal Masters” Mini BeeBops for heart-centered connection and healing

    Crystal Masters, this offering is for you! I’m excited to continue sharing our exclusive collection of engraved glass palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as “bee bops.” The next in this collection are these beautiful “Crystal Masters” Mini BeeBops....
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  • Peaceful Sleep Grid with Reve Perfume for deep rest and dream recall

    Crystal Masters, if you attended July’s bonus class where I taught about sleep grids, this Peaceful Sleep Grid with Reve Perfume is for you! This is the HOLY MOLY of grids, and I intentionally chose each stone in this offering to help you get restful...
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