• Angelite Pocket Angel

    for celestial communication

    $ 5.55
    Express yourself with heaven’s help with this Angelite Pocket Angel from India. This special offering is anointed with my new Ama Perfume, a blend honoring Ama the mother goddess – the creator of humankind, the primal force, and the source of all life. Ama Perfume...
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  • Blue Kyanite Ultimate Balance Wand

    for aligning with your highest good

    $ 6.00$ 24.00
    Align with your highest good with this Blue Kyanite Ultimate Balance Wand. Blue kyanite is the most powerful stone for balance and alignment. This Throat Chakra gem connects you to your highest truth. It makes it easy for you to express yourself and communicate openly....
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  • Lemurian Blue Calcite Harmony Wand

    for channeling peace and compassion

    $ 22.00$ 32.00
    Bring more harmonious vibrations to your family and home with this Lemurian Blue Calcite Harmony Wand. Blue calcite is the harmony stone, especially when it comes to harmonizing family energies. It helps manifest peace, love, and compassion in families. In the shape of a wand,...
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