• Copper Mudra Meditation Ball

    for focus, balance, and vitality

    Don’t let the size of this Copper Mudra Meditation Ball fool you - it’s an immensely powerful tool for infusing your spiritual practice with more focus, balance, and vitality. If you’re wondering how this meditation ball works, think of it as an abridged version of...
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  • Soul Shift February 2022 Tools: Copper Moscow Mule Mug

    Hey, Soul Shifters! If you missed out on our Soul Shift February 2022 tools, you’re in luck - I’m offering my Copper Moscow Mule Mug again. This mug is perfect for holding your chai or other beverages. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in...
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  • Planetary Orgone Pyramid: Sun and Moon

    for light within and without

    Connect with the cosmos with this gorgeous Planetary Orgone Pyramid: Sun and Moon! This is the first in our BRAND NEW series of planetary orgone pyramids, custom-made just for Sage Goddess with gems sourced from India. It features sunstone and moonstone floating spheres symbolizing the...
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  • Compassion Stone Heart

    for kindness and healing

    This Compassion Stone Heart was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in China, and it’s a powerful healing tool to incorporate into your spiritual practice. When I first discovered this stone, I ordered two pieces for my Quan Yin altar, but this incredible crystal is difficult...
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  • Solar Plexus Self-Empowerment Crystal Grid

    for confidence

    Do you feel in control of your destiny? This Solar Plexus Self-Empowerment Crystal Grid is a reminder that to manifest anything, you must first believe in yourself. This grid is a custom Sage Goddess offering, designed to help you activate your Solar Plexus Chakra -...
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  • Blue Goldstone Starry Night Ring

    for new realms of wisdom

    Bring the magic of the heavens with you wherever you go with this Blue Goldstone Starry Night Ring! This stunning adjustable ring was custom-made for SG and features a beautiful blue goldstone set in .925 sterling silver. The shapes will vary so please allow my...
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  • Flower of Life Copper Offering Bowl

    to infuse your home with harmony

    This Flower of Life Copper Offering Bowl will add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your altar and home decor. Made in India, this copper bowl features a Greek key design at the top and bottom with the Flower of Life on the center. Copper...
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  • Truth Channeling Shungite Pendulums for divine guidance and wisdom

    Do you have questions? These beautiful and unique Truth Channeling Shungite Pendulums have answers. A stone of truth, shungite encourages authenticity and also assists you in letting go of deeply entrenched feelings of fear, guilt, or shame. These pendulums feature a natural shungite stone held...
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  • Blue Apatite Mini Hearts for self-empowerment and Higher Realm Contact

    These blue apatite mini hearts are as absolutely gorgeous as they are otherworldly. The blue variety of this stone is electric, alive with vibrant color and intense energy. Blue apatite is called the guidance stone because it draws spirit guides and elders near. A Third...
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