• Tumbled Spectrolite to connect you with your truth and intuition

    $ 3.00$ 4.50
    This Tumbled Spectrolite is here to connect you with your truth and help you trust your intuition! Spectrolite is a rare, high-quality form of labradorite found only in Finland. It can show a fuller rainbow of colors with richer hues than other labradorite. Spectrolite is...
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  • Zoisite Charging Plates for grounding and spiritual development

    $ 19.00$ 36.00
    Get grounded and inspired to grow in all areas of your life when you work with the magic of these Zoisite Charging Plates! Zoisite anchors you to the Earth, keeping you centered, and inspiring creativity, focus, and discipline. It transmutes negative energy into positive energy...
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