• Inner Power Sardonyx Meditation Stone

    for endurance

    When the going gets tough, turn to this stone! Dig deep within to overcome the obstacles hindering you from grabbing your dreams with this custom-made Inner Power Sardonyx Meditation Stone. Sardonyx is a warrior stone of expanded capacity that helps channel strength in times of...
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  • Courage and Conviction Green and Red Sardonyx Heart

    Find strength and confidence as you weather life’s storms with this NEW Courage and Conviction Green and Red Sardonyx Heart! The stone for this gorgeous carving was sourced from China and features a deeply empowering combination of green and red sardonyx. The mixture of green...
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  • Grounding Sardonyx Massage Wand

    for centering energy

    Come back to center as you rejuvenate both body and soul with this NEW Grounding Sardonyx Massage Wand. The stone for this gorgeous piece was sourced from India. Sardonyx is perfect to work with during shadow season – the darker half of the year when...
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  • Get Motivated Red Sardonyx Sphere

    for inspiration

    Get inspired, anchored, and focused with this Get Motivated Red Sardonyx Sphere. Red sardonyx is a gem of ancient Egypt, where it was easily accessible and beloved by many. While Egyptian royalty kept precious stones like lapis lazuli for themselves, all could obtain a piece...
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