• Tumbled Black Obsidian for gentle grounding and spotlighting your inner strength

    These tumbled black obsidian stones are deceivingly complex, beautiful expressions of volcanic eruptions. Like all obsidian stones, these gorgeous specimens were formed from molten lava that cooled very quickly and had no time to form into glass. What I really enjoy about these stones is...
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  • Spark Perfume Kit

    Just in time for the sultry swing of summer, here is a set of tools inspired by the union of love and intimacy - my Spark Perfume Set. I poured months of planning and creating into what you will receive here, and I guarantee this...
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  • Love & Wedding Blessing Set

    This is wedding season! This stone set is a perfect gift to celebrate love and partnership of all kinds. The stones included are: - Aqua Aura Quartz - Angelite - Peacock Ore - Amethyst - Blue Apatite - Aquamarine - Orange Calcite - Tumbled Clear...
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  • Wire-Wrapped Kyanite Earrings

    I love these earrings so much and so will you! Kyanite is one of my absolute favorite gems, and now you can wear it with this beautiful adornment. You know how much I adore kyanite, in any and every form. Blue kyanite is one of...
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  • Transition Perfume

    Transition has become a key scent as many of you know who are in our perfumery Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/SGperfumery). It contains all of these scents: Vetiver, raw amber, patchouli, benzoin, Jordanian copal. You are purchasing one black 10ml roll-on bottle of this scent, which is...
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  • Tumbled Celestite

    I've only ever offered you crystalline celestite geodes, never the tumbled stones. Why? They are incredibly hard to find and celestite as a mineral is IMPOSSIBLE to tumble. It's a naturally cornflower blue stone that crumbles under most conditions. To find clear pieces that are...
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  • Tumbled Blood Jasper

    I went hunting for blood jasper in Tucson recently and found some great specimens! I'm so excited to be able to offer these great stones to you. Bloodstones are a variety of chalcedony, which is a crypto crystalline quartz. This means that any crystal formations...
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  • Natural Silver Topaz

    Silver topaz is so prized to me. Please look closely at this gorgeous orthorhombic crystal. It is so versatile and striking that all collectors should have one or two in their sets. The meaning of the word topaz comes from the Greek word tapazos meaning...
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