• Temple Perfume

    to connect you with your inner sanctuary

    $ 32.00
    My Temple Perfume is BACK and a beautiful reminder that all is sacred. When we lose sight of the spiritual life within, we return to the temple to remember – and this intoxicating potion will take you there. With earthy notes like ruh khus and...
    Rated 4.96 out of 5
  • Sage Goddess Signature Perfume

    for invoking the Divine Feminine

    $ 59.00
    My Sage Goddess Signature Perfume is BACK! Sage Goddess Signature Perfume is my personal perfume. I’ve been wearing it ever since I first crafted it in deep secrecy at the Vernal Equinox. It’s blended with Super 7 Crystals and elestial quartz for extra layers of...
    Rated 4.88 out of 5
  • Black Sage Cologne to invoke the Divine Masculine

    $ 39.00
    My Black Sage Cologne was the first cologne I created and I’m so excited to bring it back! This oil-based pure blend honors the Divine Masculine and helps you harness inner strength and power. I adore Black Sage Cologne for myself because I am attracted...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Morgana Perfume for shadow exploration and integration

    $ 48.00$ 92.00
    I’m bringing back one of our MOST POPULAR scents, just in time for shadow season! This Morgana Perfume is one of the most sacred oil blends here at SG, with gorgeous notes of vetiver and jasmine. Each bottle is infused with a labradorite chip stone...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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