• Attract Intention Candle

      for manifestation & taking action

      <p>This candle aligns with the first-quarter phase of the Moon — when she is half full. This halfway mark in the sky reflects our own process of actualizing intentions.</p>
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    • Amber Rose Oud Cold Process Soap

      for soft sensuality

      <p>We crafted this heavenly soap right here at SG to help you embrace your sensual side every time you step into the sanctuary that is your bathroom. You will love this offering, especially if you love my Amber Rose Perfume!</p>
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    • Love Infusion Intention Tea Lights

      to open your heart

      <p>My Love Infusion Intention Tea Lights are ready to ignite the flame of love and illuminate your space with heart-centered energy. We hand-poured these candles right here at SG with notes of rose, amber, cinnamon, honey, jasmine, and violet.</p>
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    • Candle Crafting Set to Embody Love

      and open your heart

      <p>As you create a one-of-a-kind candle that’s all your own, you’ll be infusing it with heart-centered energies to call in the loving connection you seek. Work with this set to wrap yourself in the kindness and compassion you deserve.</p>
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    • Grounded Rose Long Spray Perfume Mist

      for tranquility & heart opening

      <p>This mist is crafted with the same sensual ingredients as my Grounded Rose Perfume — a complex combination of rose oil absolute and rose essential oil, including rose centifolia for heart-opening, plus three different kinds of frankincense for grounding, all in a base of distilled water.</p>
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    • Merlin Perfume

      to invoke your own inner magic

      <p>This blend’s essential oils and essences will take you into the dark, enchanted forests of legend, where the Earth is brimming with intense mystical energy. It’s a robust blend of Japanese grapefruit, wild grape, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and jasmine.</p>
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    • Summon Bath Salt

      for attraction magic

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">We handcrafted this rejuvenating offering here at SG with purifying Epsom, Himalayan, and European sea salts. This soothing blend contains my </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">Summon Perfume</span><span style="font-weight: 400;"> — a seductive potion with notes of jasmine, rose, labdanum, and lotus.</span></p>
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    • Amber Rose Perfume

      for raw sensuality

      <p>This sensual blend contains notes of amber for boldness and warmth, rose for enhancing soul connections, and a rare citrus for awakening the senses. Anoint with my Amber Rose Perfume anytime you wish to feel more sensual and emboldened.</p>
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    • Magica Rosa Intention Candle

      with rose & starfruit for deep emotional healing

      <p>Imagine being wrapped up in a soft blanket of rose petals — that’s how it feels to light my Magica Rosa Intention Candle. We hand-poured this candle here at SG with ingredients from my Magica Rosa Perfume — nine different rose oils, starfruit, and gardenia.</p>
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    • Limited Edition Guardian Perfume

      for ancestral protection and guidance

      <p>This perfume feels protective but not overbearing — like a guardian spirit watching over and tending to your worries and fears with so much abiding love and strength of presence. Hence the oils in this blend: Immortelle, chrysanthemum, vetiver, opoponax, and more.</p>
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    • Lilith Unbound & Eve Unbound Perfume Duo

      for Divine Feminine power

      <p>This offering includes two perfumes that channel the wisdom and feminine empowerment of two female archetypes: Lilith and Eve. Lilith and Eve are both figures from Judeo-Christian mythology that embody independence, and the importance of setting boundaries in love.</p>
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    • Athena’s Abundance Intention Candle with Peacock Lariat

      for manifestation

      <p>You’ll receive an intention candle with a blend of rose, jasmine, amber, oud, musk, and patchouli for manifesting the abundance you seek, and a peacock lariat for harnessing your confidence and personal power.</p>
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    • Black Obsidian Rose Incense Stick Holder

      for protection & devotion

      <p>This incense holder is hand-carved in the shape of a rose from black obsidian. Black obsidian keeps you protected as you cleanse your sacred space, while the black rose design represents new beginnings, deep love, and devotion.</p>
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    • Dark Lilith Incense Sticks

      for a sensual, higher connection

      <p>Connect with your Divine Feminine magic and passion with these incense sticks! They contain sensual notes of plum, rose, spruce, vanilla, and oud.</p>
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    • Rose Hibiscus Exfoliating Scrub

      for beauty and radiance

      <p>This scrub is packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients that improve skin texture and prevent aging: Kaolin clay, jojoba meal, pumice, crushed rose petals, hibiscus flower powder, and rose geranium essential oil.</p>
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    • Ama Cold Process Soap

      for nurturing and motherly love

      <p>Ama is the creator of humankind and the source of all life. This soap embodies the energy and synergy of this] maternal goddess. It’s made with warm and comforting notes of geranium, jasmine, rose, patchouli, amber, and Jonquil supreme.</p>
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