• Limpia Mist

    for cleansing and protection

    $ 14.00
    My Limpia Mist was hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and is a go-to blend for cleansing and protection. The word limpia means “to cleanse” and this mist was inspired by sacred “Limpia” ceremonies held in Mexico. These ceremonies take place before ritual and...
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  • Releasing Gemstone Set

    for letting go and moving on

    $ 3.00
    In the spiritual community, we often talk about accumulation work - the work of manifesting what we desire. However, the process of energetic release is just as important. That’s why I’m sharing with you this Releasing Gemstone Set - a custom trio that comes with...
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  • Protection and Intuition Orgonite Hamsa Pyramid

    $ 29.00
    What energy would you like to fill your home with? This Protection and Intuition Orgonite Hamsa Pyramid combines the power of sacred symbolism with crystal magic to safeguard your space and bless your home with your sacred intentions. This mesmerizing piece was custom-made just for...
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  • Hecate Perfume

    for releasing, transformation, and magic

    $ 39.00
    Named after the Greek goddess of the night, moon, crossing over, witchcraft, magic, and the unseen, my Hecate Perfume was hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters to honor both mystery and transformation. She embodies the last phase of the harvest season – a time...
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  • Releasing Beeswax Intention Candle

    for letting go

    $ 25.00
    Do you have things you need to release? If so, my Releasing Beeswax Intention Candle is back to help you do just that. This candle is pure magic, created at the request of the Sage Goddess community for releasing what no longer is in alignment...
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  • Magnetic Balancing Coppernite Obelisk

    for healing

    $ 18.00$ 38.00
    Maintaining energetic flow is such a crucial aspect of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. This Magnetic Balancing Coppernite Obelisk was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India and is for anyone feeling stuck or stagnant. Coppernite is a gentle stone with extraordinary healing power. It...
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  • F Off Ring

    for releasing internal and external baggage

    $ 49.00
    When you can’t say it with grace, wear it with a grin. This super fun F Off Ring was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India and designed by yours truly. It’s .925 sterling silver and features a heart engraved with a blunt message - for...
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  • Small Tumbled Rainbow Obsidian

    for emotional recovery

    $ 1.00
    Welcome deep emotional recovery into your life with this Small Tumbled Rainbow Obsidian from Mexico. Rainbow obsidian is the stone of letting go. Powerful and supportive, it cradles you during life’s storms and strengthens you as you release the old and make way for the...
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  • Grounding and Stabilizing Noreena Jasper Cabochons

    $ 54.00
    These Grounding and Stabilizing Noreena Jasper Cabochons are some new magic for Sage Goddess. Noreena jasper is a newer stone from Western Australia. It was named after the property where it was first found - Noreena Station. This beautiful stone strengthens, heals, comforts, and brings...
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  • Tumbled Variscite for peace of heart, joy, and free flowing love

    $ 4.00$ 9.00
    This Tumbled Variscite will open the doors to your heart, allowing nothing but compassion, forgiveness, tenderness, healing, and joy to rush in! Variscite is a Heart Chakra stone that brings inner peace, love, and alignment of the physical and light bodies. It’s an emotional healer...
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