• Rainbow Aura Quartz Point

      for clearing and positivity

      $3.38 - $6.00 with coupon code
      Amplify the medicine of color magic with this Rainbow Aura Quartz Point. Color magic is real, and when layered with a gemstone, it amplifies the energy of your intentions. Crystal points are great tools for directing energy. They harness energy output, and you can work...
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    • Rainbow Aura Black Tourmaline in Quartz

      for protection

      $3.00 - $9.00 with coupon code
      This Rainbow Aura Black Tourmaline in Quartz is the perfect talisman to keep you safe and guarded against low-vibe frequencies. It was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone is sourced from China. Rainbow aura black tourmaline is created when black tourmaline is bonded with...
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