• Metatron’s Cube Merlinite Sphere

    for psychic awakening

    Channel protection, awaken your psychic abilities, and harness the magic of sacred geometry with this Metatron’s Cube Merlinite Sphere! This sphere is engraved with Metatron’s Cube and was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with merlinite sourced from India. Merlinite is a safeguarding crystal that shields...
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  • Kyphi Perfume

    for powerful spiritual expansion

    If you’re as captivated by ancient Egypt as I am, I’ve got a SPECIAL treat for you: Kyphi Perfume, blended here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This is an offering of serious power - a tool of potent higher realm connection. If you’re looking to deepen...
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  • Amplify Your Psychic Abilities Natural Dumortierite in Quartz

    If you’ve been wanting to enhance your intuition and connect with your true inner wisdom, then this Amplify Your Psychic Abilities Natural Dumortierite in Quartz, sourced from Brazil, is the offering for you. Dumortierite opens the Third Eye Chakra for expanded vision and is also...
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