• Winter Priestess Perfume

      for rejuvenation

      <p>This potion is an alcohol-based perfume with notes of black spruce, gray pine, tuberose, spikenard, balsam fir, emerald cypress, dark patchouli, and oud.</p>
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    • Agate Eye Strength and Protection Sphere

      Tap into your inner power to safeguard yourself as you connect with your intuition with this Agate Eye Strength and Protection Sphere. The stone for this beautiful carving was sourced from India. Agate is a deeply protective stone – even mentioned in the Bible for...
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    • Tumbled K2

      for psychic vision and deep healing

      Open a gateway to tremendous healing and wellness with this Tumbled K2 from Pakistan! K2 stone is a relatively new introduction to the metaphysical community, but energy workers all around the world are running to work with it. It’s a powerhouse combination of granite, azurite,...
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    • Tumbled Opalite

      for intuition and business success

      Are you searching for deeper insights on how to call more success into your life? Are you looking to develop your intuition? If so, this Tumbled Opalite is your coach in crystal form. Although man-made, opalite combines the qualities and magic of three gemstones -...
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