• Titanium Aura Black Tourmaline

    for divine strength

    $ 12.00$ 17.00
    Courage and protection? Now that sounds like a treat! And that’s exactly what this Titanium Aura Black Tourmaline symbolizes. Black tourmaline is THE most protective stone you can work with. It’s a Root Chakra gem of divine and psychic protection that creates an energetic shield...
  • Actinolite Crystal

    for psychic protection and courageous living

    $ 4.00$ 7.00
    Are you looking for a protective shield to guard your thoughts and keep you safe as you do your healing work? This Actinolite Crystal will do the trick. Actinolite is the most powerful mineral for psychic protection that you can work with next to aegirine....
  • Blue and Pink Aura Quartz Points

    For communication and compassion

    $ 7.00$ 19.00
    These Blue and Pink Aura Quartz Points are gorgeous and breathtaking! Aura quartz is created when clear quartz is bonded with metals, creating an iridescent metallic sheen and reflection of brilliant rainbows. These pieces feature blue and pink aura quartz in a natural point. Blue,...
  • Psychic Shielding Melanite Garnet for psychic protection and grounding

    $ 3.00$ 27.00
    This Psychic Shielding Melanite Garnet is rare and hard to find, but I got them just for you! Melanite garnet is a powerful Earth Star and Root Chakra activation stone that offers psychic protection, filters and removes unwanted energies from your field, and preempts psychic...
  • Petrified Wood, Black Obsidian, and Red Jasper Grounding Generators

    $ 24.00
    If you’re feeling disconnected, ungrounded, or overwhelmed, then these Petrified Wood, Black Obsidian, and Red Jasper Grounding Generators are for you. These potent tools were custom-made just for SG and feature three powerhouse crystals bonded together - petrified wood, black obsidian, and red jasper. Petrified...

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