• Polished Indonesian Blue Amber

    for psychic protection

    $ 19.00$ 54.00
    This Polished Indonesian Blue Amber is a rare treat. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this special stone comes from the mountain range of Sumatra, Indonesia. Amber is an organic resin or tree sap first formed when the Earth’s temperatures were much warmer than today. Under...
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  • Tumbled Pink Petalite

    to protect and open your heart

    $ 1.50
    Wrap your heart in soothing, protective energy and open yourself to celestial love with this Tumbled Pink Petalite from Namibia, Africa. With gentle power and high vibration, this stone is the “velvet glove” of protection. Petalite is often colorless, although it does come in pink,...
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  • AAA-Grade Polished Blue Amber

    for psychic vision

    $ 24.00$ 39.00
    This custom-made AAA-Grade Polished Blue Amber was hand-carved and polished just for Sage Goddess in Indonesia, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Blue amber is prized throughout the world for its gorgeous and intense blue color, and this piece is of such high quality that it looks...
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  • Amplified Protection Tourmalinated Quartz

    for security

    $ 9.00$ 94.00
    Everyone needs a talisman of safety, security, and grounding - and that’s exactly what this Amplified Protection Tourmalinated Quartz from Brazil is. Tourmalinated quartz is a combination of quartz and black tourmaline, two individually powerful stones that, when together, possess magnified shielding power. Quartz possesses...
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  • Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz

    for amplified protection

    $ 2.00
    There’s something magical about this grounding and shielding Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz. Tourmalinated quartz is quartz with black tourmaline, two individually potent stones that, when together, as in this Tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz, magnify their shielding power. Black tourmaline is the MOST protective stone you can work...
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  • Indonesian Blue Amber Psychic Protection and Vision Sphere

    $ 49.00$ 69.00
    This Indonesian Blue Amber Psychic Protection and Vision Sphere is SUPER special. This rare treat was custom-made, just for SG, and comes from the mountain range of Sumatra, Indonesia. Amber is an organic resin or tree sap that was created when the Earth’s temperatures were...
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  • Actinolite Crystal

    for psychic protection and courageous living

    $ 4.00$ 7.00
    Are you looking for a protective shield to guard your thoughts and keep you safe as you do your healing work? This Actinolite Crystal will do the trick. Actinolite is the most powerful mineral for psychic protection that you can work with next to aegirine....
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  • Psychic Shielding Melanite Garnet for psychic protection and grounding

    $ 3.00$ 27.00
    This Psychic Shielding Melanite Garnet is rare and hard to find, but I got them just for you! Melanite garnet is a powerful Earth Star and Root Chakra activation stone that offers psychic protection, filters and removes unwanted energies from your field, and preempts psychic...
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