• Tanzine Aura Quartz Point

    for psychic awakening

    $ 3.00$ 6.00
    This Tanzine Aura Quartz Point is a powerful tool for spiritual awakening, and every magical practitioner, priestess, mystic, and truth-seeker will benefit from working with it. Not only is this crystal beautiful, but it also channels psychic awakening and deeper insights. Tanzine aura quartz can...
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  • Natural Purple Apatite

    to harmonize your energy centers

    $ 3.00
    Balance and stabilize your energy centers with this Natural Purple Apatite from Pakistan. Purple apatite is a healing crystal that balances your energy centers, clearing all chakras and harmonizing them. It also activates the Crown Chakra for higher realm connection. Work with this gem during...
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  • Queen of Hearts Clear Quartz and Ruby Pendulum

    $ 144.00
    This Queen of Hearts Clear Quartz and Ruby Pendulum is so powerful - and beautiful - I just had to offer it to you. It’s terminated clear quartz and Indian ruby set in an intricate .925 sterling silver frame, and it’s filled with crystal magic!...
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  • AAA-Grade Polished Blue Amber

    for psychic vision

    $ 24.00$ 39.00
    This custom-made AAA-Grade Polished Blue Amber was hand-carved and polished just for Sage Goddess in Indonesia, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Blue amber is prized throughout the world for its gorgeous and intense blue color, and this piece is of such high quality that it looks...
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  • Angel Aura Opalite Triple Moon

    for insight, intuition, and empowerment

    $ 12.00$ 14.00
    Are you searching for deeper insights on how to be more successful in life? Are you looking to develop your intuition? If so, this Angel Aura Opalite Triple Moon is your coach in crystal form. Angel aura opalite is created when opalite is bonded with...
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  • Phantom Amethyst Root Crystal

    for harmony and spiritual development

    $ 1.00$ 12.00
    You’re never alone in the search for harmony and spiritual development with this gorgeous Phantom Amethyst Root Crystal! This piece is absolutely stunning and is from Bahia, Brazil. Amethyst is all about connecting with Source and comes from the ancient Greek word “amethystos,” which means...
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  • Vision Quest Perfume for accessing deeper inner wisdom and awareness

    $ 34.00
    The creation of Vision Quest perfume began with the crafting of a very sacred incense blend - a flying incense, which I created in small batches for friends and family, those magical practitioners who were interested in vision questing. This potion is blended with notes...
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  • Divine Alignment Blue Kyanite Keychains for harmony and good vibes

    $ 12.00
    These Divine Alignment Blue Kyanite Keychains will keep you on the path of harmony and wisdom. Blue kyanite is the most powerful stone for balance and alignment. This Throat Chakra gemstone connects you to your highest truth and strengthens your intuition and wisdom. Each of...
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  • Large Desert Sage Smudge Bundles for enhancing your psychic abilities

    $ 16.00
    These Large Desert Sage Smudge Bundles are the perfect tools to work with as you clean and clear your home before your meditation practice. They’re made in the old ways, with the best grade leaves. Hailed across the world for its incredible purifying properties, desert...
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