• “Amen, A’ho, and On We Go” Green Aventurine Double Terminated Wand

      Let the universe know you are ready to receive your blessings with this NEW “Amen, A’ho, and On We Go” Green Aventurine Double Terminated Wand! This 6-sided wand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone for this unique carving was sourced from India....
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    • Natural Yellow Tourmaline

      for confidence and courage

      There are times while on our paths we need a boost of confidence and courage – if that’s what you’re seeking, I have the perfect solution for you. This Natural Yellow Tourmaline is perfect for holding close when you need a sense of assuredness and...
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    • ABR Perfume

      for wish granting through the cycle of trust

      <p>This perfume was designed to infuse your manifestation cycle with added power. An unparalleled blend of ginseng, patchouli, olibanum, and sandalwood, it’s deep yet fresh, sweet, and sultry.</p>
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    • Song of Ishtar Perfume

      for divine power and fortune

      If you missed out on my Full Moon God and Goddess Series: Song of Ishtar Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! My Song of Ishtar Perfume was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of myrrh for...
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    • Almandine & Green Garnet Pendulum

      for grounded prosperity

      <p>This offering features a natural combination of almandine and green garnet suspended by a silver-colored chain. A clear quartz bead sits at the opposite end, magnifying the properties of the pendulum.</p>
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    • Lakshmi’s 5/5 Ceremony Set for Money Manifestation

      for pre-recorded YouTube event with Athena

      <p>We curated this set right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters to channel the manifestation power of Lakshmi. Together, we’ll work with these tools to tap into the magic of 5/5 and bring our dreams to life.</p>
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    • Align to Prosperity Peridot, Blue Kyanite, and Amazonite Pendant

      Find your equilibrium and call in the abundance you seek with this custom-made Align to Prosperity Peridot, Blue Kyanite, and Amazonite Pendant! Made with .925 sterling silver, this pendant features an oval-shaped bezel-set amazonite at the top for clear expression, a rectangular prong-set blue kyanite...
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    • Money Draw Perfume

      for manifesting wealth

      <p>This blend is an SG staple that’s been around since the start of the company. This fragrance is a blend of twelve oils in total, with notes of patchouli, five finger grass, and myrtle.</p>
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    • Manifestation Incense Cones

      for attracting abundance

      <p>Attract all that you seek with these incense cones! These incense cones are infused with my Manifestation Perfume, an abundance-attracting blend of balm of Gilead, vanilla, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, and Peruvian balsam.</p>
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    • Flowering Abundance Ring

      to manifest your heart’s desires

      Allow your heart’s desires to bloom to their full potential with this custom-made NEW Flowering Abundance Ring. This beautiful adjustable sterling silver ring features an intricate tree branch design with yellow gold plated accents and black antiquing, highlighting the texture of the tree. It also...
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    • Magic Perfume

      for wisdom and transformation

      My Magic Perfume was originally made almost ten years ago. After all this time and numerous requests, I have remade it with the exact original ingredients AND the original bottle! A limited release of an OG Sage Goddess classic, one final time, for all who...
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    • Patchouli Wax Melts

      for passion & attraction

      <p>You know how much I adore patchouli! Its fragrant essence is said to be more powerful than any other plant essential oil. It’s centering and grounding, arouses passion, and attracts love, wealth, and abundance.</p>
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    • Rose Quartz & Golden Healer Quartz Mini Generator

      for heart healing & abundance

      <p>Rose quartz crystal is one of my favorites for heart healing and reawakening trust. It helps you open your heart to receive love and encourages you to give it back to humanity. Golden healer quartz crystal supports self-healing, prioritizing well-being, and improving good habits.</p>
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    • Sacred Geometry Quartz Charging Plate

      for creativity & passion

      <p>This gorgeous quartz plate features a hexagon shape and an intricately hand-engraved icosahedron pattern on its surface. At its center sits a round, faceted, heat-treated citrine embedded for a little burst of sunshine.</p>
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    • Natural Etched Honey Yellow Fluorite

      for manifestation & abundance

      <p>I’m so excited to bring you this super rare gemmy piece. Yellow fluorite is a manifestation, abundance, and money-drawing stone. After citrine, it’s the second most important crystal for manifesting wealth and financial abundance.</p>
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    • Prosperous Intention Tea Lights with Asian Pear & Lily

      for abundance

      Illuminate the path to abundance with my Prosperous Intention Tea Lights with Asian Pear & Lily! Hand-poured with a sparkly gold soy-wax blend right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, these candles were crafted to attract prosperity with notes of Asian pear, lily, ambergris, sandalwood, blackberry,...
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