• Happiness and Peace Polychrome Jasper Generator

      If you’ve been feeling stressed, you’re not alone! However, help is on its way in the form of this Happiness and Peace Polychrome Jasper Generator! This soothing generator is carved from polychrome jasper sourced from Madagascar. Polychrome jasper is a gentle stone but powerful in...
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    • Soothing Polychrome Jasper Massage Stamp

      for relaxation

      Feel tension and muscle soreness melt away with this NEW Soothing Polychrome Jasper Massage Stamp. The stone for this tool was sourced from Madagascar, and the carving was done in the shape of a stamp – a first for Sage Goddess! This tool is easy...
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    • Tumbled Brecciated Jasper

      for grounding and peace

      This Tumbled Brecciated Jasper is so gemmy and vibrant! This stone is grounding, motivating, and offers comfort and peace, especially to those experiencing unjust situations. Brecciated jasper can help reveal problems and make them right. When held and rubbed, this gem is a soothing ally,...
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