• Clear Quartz Point

      for maximizing your magic

      <p>Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. With this clear quartz point, the possibilities are endless! Work with it to build your crystal grids, decorate your altar, or even craft your own wands.</p>
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    • Inner Mongolian Shamanic Quartz Point

      to amplify your spiritual journey

      Amplify your spiritual journey like never before with this Inner Mongolian Shamanic Quartz Point. This stunning point is a rare variety of clear quartz that holds a super high, buzzy frequency. It’s an incredibly powerful gemstone that comes from the inner regions of Mongolia, where...
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    • Natural Congo Citrine Point

      to manifest prosperity and success

      Do you want to bring some money magic into your life? This Natural Congo Citrine Point was sourced from Africa and grants the courage, willpower, and confidence needed to manifest your visions of prosperity and success. Citrine is one of the most powerful gems for...
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    • Natural Quartz-Capped Dream Amethyst Point

      for peace

      Call upon the loving support of your guides for amplified peace and protection with this stunning Natural Quartz-Capped Dream Amethyst Point, sourced from Brazil. Dream amethyst is a powerful healing crystal that connects you to the higher realms, your angels, and your spirit guides. It...
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    • Polished Citrine Abundance Point

      for money magic

      Get your money mojo flowing with this Polished Citrine Abundance Point! This natural polished point promotes powerful manifestation and wealth. Citrine is known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ because it brings luck and prosperity to business. Citrine gets its vibrant hue from traces of iron, which...
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    • 3-in-1 Spiritual Badass Point

      citrine-on-quartz with amethyst trapiche

      Are you ready for supercharged soul abundance? Experience MEGA empowerment and prosperity straight from the Divine with this 3-in-1 Spiritual Badass Point, sourced from Brazil. This gem is BRAND NEW to the crystal world — I’m so excited to be offering it in the shop!...
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    • Loving Vibes Rainbow Aura Quartz Point

      for enlightenment

      Need a lift in spirits? Surround yourself with vibrant, cheerful energy with this NEW Loving Vibes Rainbow Aura Quartz Point! I adore rainbow aura quartz. This stone activates your rainbow body by cleansing and brightening your aura. It removes blockages and low frequencies, replacing negativity...
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    • Enhanced Telepathy Natural Limonite in Quartz Point

      Tap into your intuitive ability to communicate psychically with this Enhanced Telepathy Natural Limonite in Quartz Point. This powerful gem was sourced from Brazil. Limonite is a grounding and clarifying amorphous stone that enhances telepathy, activates the lower chakras, and assists with psychic overwhelm and...
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    • Golden Lemurian Quartz Point

      for ancient wisdom

      Connect with ancient Lemurian wisdom with this rare Golden Lemurian Quartz Point, sourced from Brazil. Each piece of golden Lemurian quartz is encoded with the Divine Feminine magic of the Lemurian civilization – a spiritually advanced matriarchal culture that held a deep connection to the...
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    • Rainbow Aura Quartz Point

      for clearing and positivity

      Amplify the medicine of color magic with this Rainbow Aura Quartz Point. Color magic is real, and when layered with a gemstone, it amplifies the energy of your intentions. Crystal points are great tools for directing energy. They harness energy output, and you can work...
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