• Heart Chakra Crystal Quad

      for giving & receiving love

      <p>This set is a part of our collection of custom-curated Sage Goddess crystal quads and comes with four powerhouse crystals for the renewal of compassion, love, and healing: Citron chrysoprase, pink girasol, angel aura rose quartz, and idocrase.</p>
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    • Finding Your Purpose in Love Crystal Quad

      It’s BACK! Heal your heart and let it lead the way to your soul path with this Finding Your Purpose in Love Crystal Quad. This crystal quad comes with four powerful stones for loving direction: A fluorite angel heart wing for celestial guidance, pink thulite...
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    • Seven Forms of Love Gemstone Set

      for loving vibrations

      They say love is the highest frequency — through it, anything is possible. If you’re looking for a vibrational boost in this area, this NEW Seven Forms of Love Gemstone Set was made for you! This set contains seven crystals that invoke seven different types...
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    • Tumbled Pink Girasol: X-Small

      for energetic renewal

      Ready to let go of the past and invite clear, sweet, and radiant energy into your heart? Hit the reset button and open up to love again with this Tumbled Pink Girasol from Madagascar. Pink girasol brings the energy of renewal to let more love...
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