• Peace and Harmony Crystal Quad

    for calm and serenity

    This Peace and Harmony Crystal Quad is a balm for the troubled mind, bringing calm and serenity in times of uncertainty. It comes with amethyst, blue calcite, lepidolite, and petalite — a set of stones that will enhance feelings of tranquility and aid emotional alignment....
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  • Merlinite Rhombus Intuition and Protection Grid

    This custom-made Merlinite Rhombus Intuition and Protection Grid is for anyone in search of guidance and safeguarding this season and beyond. Samhain is fast approaching, and the veil between our world and the spiritual realm is thinning - creating a closer connection to our ancestors...
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  • Fearlessness Crystal Quad

    for strength and courage

    This Fearlessness Crystal Quad is the latest in our new series of custom-Sage Goddess crystal quads! This set comes with petalite, chiastolite, sodalite, and bronzite - four powerhouse stones to help you walk through life with a sense of assuredness while keeping you centered and...
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  • Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Waning Crescent

    for honoring closure

    I love moon magic and that’s why I created a collection of Moon Phase Gemstone Trios. This Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Waning Crescent honors the beauty in the release. We often fear endings – but the truth is, every ending is a new beginning. The...
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  • Amethyst Star Bowl with Free Crown Chakra Gem Set

    for cosmic access

    Connect with the cosmos with this gorgeous hand-carved Amethyst Star Bowl with Free Crown Chakra Gem Set! This set features an enchanting star-shaped bowl carved from amethyst and seven gemstones to help open your Crown Chakra. Amethyst is all about connecting with Source and comes...
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  • Peaceful Sleep Grid with Reve Perfume for deep rest and dream recall

    Crystal Masters, if you attended July’s bonus class where I taught about sleep grids, this Peaceful Sleep Grid with Reve Perfume is for you! This is the HOLY MOLY of grids, and I intentionally chose each stone in this offering to help you get restful...
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  • Moon Phases Intention Gridding Set for idea seeding and manifestation

    Capture the magic and mystery of la Luna with this Moon Phases Intention Gridding Set. This set features a beautiful plywood plate engraved with the Moon phases and printed with original SG art. Custom made here at SG headquarters, these plates are unique and will...
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  • High Vibrations Set to align your energy with the Higher Realms

    Calling all advanced practitioners of magic! I created this High Vibrations set specifically for all of you energy healers, light workers, shamans, reiki masters, and priestesses. It is geared towards raising your vibrations. When your vibrations are high, you are more aligned with Source. You...
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