• Brass Flower of Life Ornament

      for divine inspiration

      $21.75 with coupon code
      Invite creative energy straight from the universe into your home with this new Brass Flower of Life Ornament! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this beautiful offering showcases a brass Flower of Life design adorned with seven wire-wrapped natural gemstones: Rose quartz and blue kyanite from...
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    • Yule Intention Jar Ornament for Peace

      and holiday harmony

      $6.75 with coupon code
      Deck your halls with harmony with this new Yule Intention Jar Ornament for Peace! Custom-made just for SG, this intention jar doubles as a tree ornament — perfect for keeping your space calm and beautiful. It features a glass jar containing sea salt, moss agate...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Glass Buddha Ornament

      for peace & enlightenment

      $16.50 with coupon code
      Bring loving, peaceful energy into your home for the holidays with this beautiful Intuitively Chosen Glass Buddha Ornament. This ornament comes in yellow, pink, light blue, or silver, with a gold string attachment. We’ll intuitively choose the color meant just for you. Hang this offering...
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    • White Druzy Agate Yule Tree Ornament

      for holiday magic

      $20.25 with coupon code
      Add a little seasonal joy and sparkle to your decor this year with this White Druzy Agate Yule Tree Ornament, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Christmas trees and their ornaments are symbols of vitality, light, and hope — in the middle of winter, they bring...
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