• Kyanite Alignment Cold Process Soap

      for balance & presence

      <p>This soap embodies the essence of kyanite — one of the only gems known to instantly and evenly align all chakras. I infused this offering with my Kyanite Alignment Perfume Mist, so you know it smells fantastic!</p>
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    • Empath Shield Solid Perfume

      for healthy boundaries & self-care

      <p>My Empath Shield Solid Perfume is back and ready to nourish you with an extra layer of energetic protection. We handcrafted it here at SG with my Empath Shield Perfume, a potion to safeguard empaths like us.</p>
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    • Kyanite Alignment Perfume Mist

      for peace, balance & presence

      <p>This water-based spray embodies the essence of kyanite — one of the only gems known to instantly and evenly align all chakras. This perfume mist contains balancing notes of freesia, lavender, and neroli.</p>
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    • Quintessence Balm

      for expanded consciousness

      <p>This moisturizing balm was hand-crafted here at SG and is infused with my expansive Quintessence Perfume. It features uplifting notes of blue tansy, frankincense, neroli, Bulgarian rose, palo santo, white lavender, acacia absolute, and davana.</p>
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    • Athena’s 111 Perfume

      for manifestation magic

      <p>Harness the energy of 111 to boost your manifestation power with this blend containing notes of sandalwood, patchouli, bay, labdanum, five finger grass, myrrh, manuka honey, ginger, St. John’s wort, and neroli.</p>
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    • Limited Edition Phases of Desire Perfume Series: Phase 3 Lust Perfume

      for passion

      Transport yourself to all-new levels of passion and pleasure with my Lust Perfume! This alcohol-based spray perfume is phase 3 of my Limited Edition Phases of Desire Perfume Series. Is there anything more powerful than desire? Desire is the energy from which all of life...
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    • Limited Edition Summer Priestess Perfume

      for vitality

      There’s nothing quite like the heady rush of summer scents that wash over me as I step out into my garden at this time of year. The citrus trees are in season, champaka is in bloom, and the intoxicating fragrance of roses fills the air....
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    • Crystal Ball Perfume

      for envisioning the future

      Peer into the unknown with my Crystal Ball Perfume! Originally a part of my Envision the Future Aquarius Full Moon Scrying Set, the magic of this handcrafted perfume is now available on its own. This perfume is here to call forth Aquarian energy, nurture forward...
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    • Stretch Mark Magic Oil

      for beautiful and youthful skin

      Your body does so much for you – return the favor by nourishing your skin with my NEW Stretch Mark Magic Oil. This oil was lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of neroli for relaxation, mandarin for stress relief, and rose...
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    • January 2023 Living Essence Mist

      for new beginnings

      This January 2023 Living Essence Mist ain’t your mama’s mist, and it’s NOTHING like any perfumes I’ve offered in the past. This mist is hand-blended right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and is the ULTIMATE blend to call in energies of new beginnings and new...
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    • Clairsentience Perfume

      for heightened intuition

      Do you feel things that other people don’t pick up on? Do you have a heightened sensitivity that gives you insight into the mindset of those around you? Embrace your intuition and nurture your empathic gifts with my Clairsentience Perfume. Clairsentience is the ability to...
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    • Soul Shift August 2022 Tools: Crown Chakra Intention Candle

      for peace and spiritual awareness

      Hey, Soul Shifters! If you missed out on our Soul Shift August 2022 tools, not to worry – I’m offering my Crown Chakra Intention Candle again. This lavender-colored soy wax blend candle was hand-poured right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters into a purple jar. The...
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    • Soul Shift Exclusive Essence of Morocco Perfume

      for wisdom and enhanced intution

      Journey to Morocco and experience wisdom, protection, and spiritual empowerment with my Essence of Morocco Perfume. If you missed out on our Soul Shift Oracle Monthly Tools for July, now’s your chance to get in on the magic! This gorgeous recipe represents an amazing place...
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    • Limited Edition Athena’s Magic 8 Ball Perfume – Volume 2

      As the Wheel of the Year continues its cycle, you may be reflecting on how much inner growth you’ve experienced over the past months, and seeking illumination about your developing spiritual path. To guide you through this process, I created a new and channeled perfume...
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    • Empath Shield Perfume

      for healthy energetic boundaries

      My Empath Shield Perfume is BACK and ready to help protect you and your space so you can be the best you! This blend was made right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and is an adaptation of the Empath Shield Mist. It features two of...
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    • Limited Edition Quintessence Perfume

      a pure and high vibe EO blend to connect with the essence of the stars and soul

      In ancient Alchemy, which was the first form of science and chemistry, the Quintessence was the essence of all matter, all creation, and all manifestation. Quintessence comes from the Latin meaning “fifth essence.” The 5th element, otherwise known as ether, is both all-encompassing and not...
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