• Wealth and Abundance Natural Citrine

      for money magic

      $6.57 - $21.17 with coupon code
      Achieve your financial goals easily with this Wealth and Abundance Natural Citrine from Brazil. Citrine is a powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone, perfect for harnessing the energies of expansion and fruition. It heals the Solar Plexus Chakra, restoring self-esteem and confidence, and helps you...
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    • Tucson Unpacking: Natural Kundalini Citrine Point

      to awaken personal power

      $21.17 - $24.82 with coupon code
      Another gorgeous treasure from Tucson! Unleash your personal power and wield mighty manifestation energy with this Natural Kundalini Citrine Point. Kundalini citrine is rare and only found in Congo, and it’s prized for its powerful kundalini moving energy. Citrine, in general, is a powerful tool...
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