• Temple Perfume and Solid Perfume Balm Duo

      to connect to your inner sanctuary

      It’s time to return to the sanctuary within and regain sight of your spiritual path with my Temple Perfume and Solid Perfume Balm Duo. My Temple Solid Perfume Balm is crafted with the same soothing ingredients as my customer-favorite Temple Perfume — and now you...
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    • Blood Moon Intention Candle

      for spiritual clarity

      Channel deep self-awareness, mystery, and lunar magic with my Blood Moon Intention Candle. This candle was created to help you channel and honor the Blood Moon. A total lunar eclipse is sometimes called a "Blood Moon" because of the full moon's reddish tinge when fully...
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    • Hamsa Perfume

      for protection magic

      My signature Hamsa Perfume is BACK — with the same shielding power and formula you love! This perfume invokes and honors the sacred symbol of the Hamsa Hand. Originating in the Middle East, the image of the open hand is a sacred and ancient symbol...
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