• Bells and Moon Chimes for sound healing, peace, and serenity

    Let the wind carry serenity right to your doorstep with these Bells and Moon Chimes! Windchimes are magical, musical instruments that produce a beautiful, soul-stirring sound when touched by hand or the wind. Bells are said to attract positive spirits and are used as a...
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  • Balinese Bamboo Etek Etek Rattle

    for sound healing

    Looking for a way to level up your meditations and rituals? This Balinese Bamboo Etek Etek Rattle will help you do just that! This hand-held rattle shaker was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Bali and is the perfect tool for performing at-home sound healing....
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  • Hand Painted Balinese Rattle

    for moving stagnant energy

    Move stuck and stagnant energy with this Hand Painted Balinese Rattle, custom-made for Sage Goddess in Bali. This hand-painted rattle is made of mahogany wood and contains seeds inside for sound. It comes in a wide variety of stunning colors. Our ancestors worked with rattles...
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  • Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

    for grounding

    Do you want to feel more grounded and secure? If so, this Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl is for you. The Root Chakra is at the base of your tailbone and is your center of stability. It keeps you balanced and connected with the physical...
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  • Balinese Coconut and Shell Rattle

    for moving stagnant energy

    Bring the sounds of the ocean and the feeling of the islands right to your living room with this Balinese Coconut and Shell Rattle from Indonesia. And, it’s perfect to keep your little ones entertained. This rattle features a coconut shaker attached to a teak...
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  • Balinese Bamboo Rainstick

    for water element connection

    Incorporate the healing power of the water element into your practice with this Balinese Bamboo Rainstick. This beautiful tool was custom-painted in Bali. Water is necessary for life and cultures all over the world have practices to bring on rain, many of which include dancing...
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  • Brass Tree of Life Chimes for welcoming in new beginnings and oneness

    Allow the sound of these beautiful Brass Tree of Life Chimes to serenade and remind you of your irreplaceable part in the fabric of creation. These chimes were handmade in India and feature a beautiful tree of life with three brass bells, accented with glass...
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