• Rosetta Jasper Generator

      for infinite optimism

      $12.16 - $23.56 with coupon code
      <p>Rosetta jasper is a stunning form of crazy lace agate and a mix of quartz, jasper, and agate. It helps you release pessimistic thinking to make space for optimism, fresh ideas, and hope.</p>
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    • Tumbled Green Lepidolite Cube

      for healing & harmony

      $3.80 with coupon code
      <p>Green lepidolite is one of our favorite stones for healing work. In the shape of a cube, it carries an extra emphasis on balance and harmony. Allow this gem to fill your space with healing and harmony, restoring both body and soul with its soothing vibrations.</p>
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    • Tumbled Mugglestone

      for stability & confidence

      $1.52 with coupon code
      <p>Sometimes, as crystals grow and take form, their magic combines to create an even more potent and precious mineral. Mugglestone is one of these multi-gemstone creations! It’s a rarity that combines tiger’s eye, hematite, and red and yellow jasper in a single stone.</p>
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    • Citrine Generator

      for manifestation, abundance & success

      $128.44 - $219.64 with coupon code
      <p>Citrine is a powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone. This offering features real, untreated Brazilian citrine, which is almost impossible to find nowadays.</p>
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    • Pietersite Bracelet

      for empowered intuition

      $22.80 with coupon code
      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This gorgeous bracelet was custom-made to help you navigate the winds of change with sovereignty, beauty, grace, and resilience. </span></p>
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    • Rosetta Jasper Pyramid

      for optimism & motivation

      $10.64 - $18.24 with coupon code
      <p>Rosetta jasper helps you release pessimistic thinking to make space for optimism, fresh ideas, and hope. When the power of a pyramid combines with this stone of positivity and promise, you have a vortex of possibility. Keep this piece in your space to harness its potent magic.</p>
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    • Tucson at Twilight: Vivianite Spear

      for counteracting burnout & motivation

      $14.44 - $67.64 with coupon code
      <p>Vivianite is known for its ability to counteract burnout and replenish the soul’s sense of purpose and wisdom. It’s a powerful, self-healing mineral that leads by example. When cut, it heals itself, showing that you, too, can change and heal.</p>
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    • Cognac Citrine Prosperity Point

      $15.20 - $19.00 with coupon code
      Are you looking for some mega-manifestation? Then this Cognac Citrine Prosperity Point sourced from Africa is perfect for you. This rare find is gorgeous, shadowy, and named after its cognac-like coloring. It’s a powerful stone of manifestation and money magic and the perfect tool to...
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    • Zebra Jasper Blissful Bodhi

      for optimism and encouragement

      $36.48 with coupon code
      Welcome your new emotional support animal with open arms! In case you haven’t already been introduced, Bodhi is one of my animal companions — and I’ve had his likeness replicated for this custom Zebra Jasper Blissful Bodhi so he can be your comforting companion, too!...
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    • Red Sardonyx Sphere for Motivation

      to kick your butt into gear

      $17.48 with coupon code
      Rev up your energy and conquer the day with this Red Sardonyx Sphere for Motivation! This stunning piece is carved from red sardonyx, a stone that enhances personal power, inspires strength in times of adversity, and increases manifestation powers by helping you embody your desires....
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    • Natural Green Zebra Jasper for motivation and determination

      $3.04 with coupon code
      Do you often feel scattered and ungrounded, unable to complete tasks or projects? If so, this Natural Green Zebra Jasper is your ally. This is a rarity in the gem world, as most green jasper is more commonly offered as tumbled stones. Green zebra jasper...
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    • Purple Zebra Jasper Divine Potential Generator

      $6.84 - $22.04 with coupon code
      This NEW Purple Zebra Jasper Divine Potential Generator is a beautiful reminder that when you align with your full, authentic self, you’ll be showered with support from higher realms! The stone for this stunning piece was sourced from India. Zebra jasper channels the energy of...
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    • Tumbled Zoisite

      for grounding and growth

      $1.52 with coupon code
      Get grounded and feel inspired to grow in all areas of your life with the magic of this Tumbled Zoisite! This stunning gem was sourced from China. Zoisite anchors you into the Earth, keeping you centered. It also inspires creativity, focus, and discipline. Zoisite transmutes...
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    • Tumbled Red Tiger’s Eye: Small

      for power and courage

      $1.71 with coupon code
      This Tumbled Red Tiger’s Eye is a stimulating Root Chakra stone sourced from South Africa that will bring you more vitality, power, and higher consciousness. Red tiger’s eye guides you along the journey toward your highest truth. It helps you access inner wisdom, confidence, and...
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    • Tumbled Fire Agate: Small

      for motivation and passion

      $1.14 with coupon code
      Step into your power and spur your spirit into action with this Tumbled Fire Agate from Mexico. They say big things often come in small packages, and that’s true for this potent gem. Fire agate is your kickass decision-making and action-taking partner in life. This...
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    • Make a Change Maligano Jasper Heart

      for transformation

      $15.20 - $19.00 with coupon code
      Let go of anything that no longer serves you with this Make a Change Maligano Jasper Heart. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Indonesia. Maligano jasper is a divine source of protection, grounding, stability, and transformation. It’s...
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