• Tree of Life Perfume

      for grounding, wisdom, and creative support

      $30.00 with coupon code
      <p>The Tree of Life is the roadmap of creation, the blueprint of our being. It’s the thing from which all creation rises and extends. We handcrafted this gorgeous blend with notes of jasmine, Spanish marjoram, and blood orange.</p>
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    • Frida Perfume

      for unapologetically embracing femininity

      $26.25 with coupon code
      Embrace your femininity with my Frida Perfume, handcrafted here at Sage Goddess Headquarters to honor the beautiful and iconic Frida Kahlo. Frida is known for her wonderful self-portraits and unfettered expressions of the female experience. Frida was unapologetically herself, both in her art and life....
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    • Goddess Oracle Perfume

      for wisdom, mystery, and vision

      $24.75 with coupon code
      My Goddess Oracle Perfume is BACK! Initially, part of my New Moon Divination Magic: Greek God and Goddess Oracle Set, this blend is now on its own and just as powerful. This deity-inspired potion is crafted with notes of champaka, nutmeg, pomegranate, vetiver, and SUPER...
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