• Wooden Crescent Moon Shelf

      to display your gemstones & tools

      <p>This magnificent wooden shelf takes the shape of a crescent moon and has five shelves — it’s perfect on your desk or altar to display your cherished treasures and tools.</p>
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    • 210 Hz Moon Frequency Tuning Fork

      for lunar sound healing

      <p>This tuning fork is tuned to 210 Hz — also known as the Moon frequency. It’s engraved with our beautiful SG logo and comes in light blue. This offering also comes with a wooden rubber-tipped mallet and a custom SG velvet bag for safe storage.</p>
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    • Moon Phase Engraved Palo Santo

      for clearing and mystery

      This Moon Phase Engraved Palo Santo combines the mystery and magnificence of the Moon with the potent clearing power of palo santo. This beautiful piece is intricately engraved with the lunar phases and makes a lovely accessory for all your smudging needs. The phases of...
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    • AAA-Grade Rainbow Moonstone Manifestation Bracelet

      How about a bit of extra moon magic to take your manifestation skills to the next level? This stunning sterling silver AAA-Grade Rainbow Moonstone Manifestation Bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones were sourced from India. It features a lobster clasp and...
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    • 2024 Moon Phase & Astrology Calendar

      for charting your journey

      <p>As you turn the page each month, you’ll be greeted by a new goddess inspired by the energy of the season. Additionally, it will have a question or prompt to help you set monthly intentions.</p>
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    • Smoky Quartz Mini Moon Pendant

      for protection & lunar magic

      <p>It features a smoky quartz crystal carved in a crescent moon shape. A silver-colored metal alloy bail suspends this carving. Adorn yourself with this protective pendant to guard your aura and envelop yourself in Luna’s healing magic wherever you go.</p>
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    • Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone & Tanzanite Ring

      for moon magic

      <p>We had this stunning piece custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It showcases three beautiful gemstones known for their ability to unlock the energy of the Moon in all her phases.</p>
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    • Golden Suncatcher Hanging Incense Burner

      for illumination

      <p>This piece is made of gold-plated iron and features a faceted iridescent glass sphere on the bottom, which captures the Sun’s rays and imbues any area with dazzling light. It also features a crescent moon at the top, bringing an influx of healing.</p>
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    • Full Moon Perfume

      for harnessing Luna’s magic

      <p>I created this perfume with powerful intentions and an intoxicating blend of Indian and Southeast Asian attars and absolutes. Deep resinous notes are mixed with light florals, and mellowed by natural rosewood, an essential oil that embodies a maternal, feminine energy with a focus on inner healing.</p>
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    • Golden Moon Sphere Stand

      for holding your gemstone treasures

      <p>This Golden Moon Sphere Stand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It features an intricate crescent moon design made with gold-colored metal alloy and is ideal for holding your precious gemstone spheres and eggs.</p>
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    • Moongazer Perfume

      for lunar magic and manifestation

      <p>This gorgeous blend has notes of patchouli, allspice, and clove, and each bottle is infused with a tiger’s eye chip stone for enhanced wisdom and courage. It’s named after Earth’s favorite celestial neighbor, and we LOVE la Luna here at Sage Goddess.</p>
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    • Triple Moon Brass Bell

      for sound healing & moon magic

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Bells are said to attract positive spirits, and we use them as a call to ritual and prayer. They symbolize beginnings and endings and are associated with expansion of consciousness and spiritual connection.</span></p>
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    • Full Moon Mist with Rosewood

      for lunar wisdom

      <p>We crafted this mist with rosewood essential oil and notes of Indian and Southeast Asian attars and absolutes, such as white flowers from Indian riverbanks. The resulting scent is the fragrance embodiment of Full Moon light.</p>
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    • Wooden Moon Phase Incense Box

      to spark moon magic

      <p>Safely store your incense sticks in this incense box. This dark-stained wooden box is embellished with a beautiful design showcasing the phases of the Moon, honoring the influence of the lunar cycle in our lives.</p>
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    • Triple Moon Pin Board Set

      for envisioning the future

      <p>This Triple Moon Pin Board Set, made just for SG, includes three corkboard pieces — two crescent moons and one full moon, each painted a beautiful golden color.</p>
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    • Bismuth Crescent Moon

      for focus and clarity

      <p>Unlock the door to otherworldly knowledge with this custom bismuth moon. In the shape of a crescent moon, this crystal also connects powerfully with healing and compassion.</p>
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