• Athena’s Favorite Flash Tattoo Set

    for self-expression

    $ 8.00
    You all know how I love my flash tattoos - I wear them all the time, and Athena’s Favorite Flash Tattoo Set includes my top three sheets! My graphic designer created these custom SG Moon Phase and Rainbow and Metallic Mandala tattoos. If like me,...
  • Moon Phase Magic Charm Necklace

    to hold your New Moon set charms

    $ 39.00
    If you’re a lover of the Moon like I am, then you’re going to absolutely adore this Moon Phase Magic Charm Necklace. This adjustable necklace is custom-made for SG from .925 sterling silver with the custom SG stamp. It’s the perfect holder for the charms...
  • Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Last Quarter

    for breakthrough

    $ 5.50
    I love moon magic and that’s why I created a collection of Moon Phase Gemstone Trios. This Moon Phase Gemstone Trio: Last Quarter will awaken your consciousness. The last quarter phase is the waning half-moon. It symbolizes the expanding consciousness about who we are and...
  • Double Terminated Peach Moonstone Extractor Diamond

    $ 39.00
    If you’re looking for a tool to help remove what’s in the way of your creativity, this Double Terminated Peach Moonstone Extractor Diamond from India is for you! This is an extractor, meant for extracting and raising energy, and was custom-made for SG! I’m so...
  • SG Moon Phase Essential Oil Case

    to hold your fave oils and perfumes

    $ 21.00
    This SG Moon Phase Essential Oil Case has been in the making for a year! And, we are so excited to finally offer it to you. This custom essential oil case can carry up to 12 bottles of perfume or essentials oils, the perfect holder...
  • Triple Moon Perfume to honor La Luna’s many phases

    $ 32.00
    Oh, the Moon! Every month I hold new and full moon rituals - it’s a foundation of my practice and one of my favorite things to experience and share. The Moon is the closest astronomical body to Earth, giving it strong influence over us. The...
  • Dream Journal Sticker Sheets for igniting your imagination

    $ 3.00
    If you’re in my Soul Shift program, you’re going to love and have fun with these Dream Journal Sticker Sheets. Just in time for our upcoming Soul Shift Dream Journal Crafting Class on July 29, these stickers can be used to enhance your dream journal....

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