• Labradorite Rune Dice

    for guidance and new beginnings

    What messages does the universe have in store for you? These Labradorite Rune Dice will help you discern them! This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and comes with a set of four beautiful labradorite dice, carved with labradorite from India. Each piece is...
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  • Athena’s Moonstone Ring

    for feminine empowerment

    No need to fly to the Moon when you can bring it straight to you with Athena’s Moonstone Ring! Last time we offered this ring it sold out so I’m super excited it’s back in stock! I get LOTS of questions about the moonstone ring...
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  • Metatron’s High Vibration Engraved Selenite Hexagon

    Connect with peace and be reminded of your connection to all of life with this gorgeous Metatron’s High Vibration Engraved Selenite Hexagon. This piece features selenite carved into a hexagon shape with Metatron’s Cube engraved in the center. The Platonic Solids are engraved on the...
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  • Labradorite Healing and New Beginnings Vogel

    for hope and possibility

    Everything is possible with this Labradorite Healing and New Beginnings Vogel from India! This gorgeous labradorite Vogel has 12 sides. Twelve represents the completion of cycles. It’s the number of signs in the zodiac and the number of months in the year. When you add...
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  • New Moon Intention Candle

    for vision and possibility

    My New Moon Intention Candle is BACK! It’s lovingly hand-poured with a midnight blue soy wax blend right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and infused with my Dark Moon Perfume, with notes of patchouli for attraction, sandalwood for grounding, and mugwort for vision. It’s also...
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  • Boho Moon Garland

    for accentuating your space with Luna’s vibes

    Infuse Luna’s magic into your sacred space with this sweet Boho Moon Garland. This rustic boho decor features resin moons on a wooden stick tied with hemp string. Bohemian (boho for short) decor is an aesthetic lifestyle that highlights culture, casualness, uniqueness, and a relaxed...
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  • Black Moonstone Visioning Sphere

    for manifestation

    This Black Moonstone Visioning Sphere is BACK to aid you in manifesting! Black moonstone activates the Root and Crown Chakras. It has all the properties of white or rainbow moonstone, with a darker hue, deeper vibration, and added grounding and protection, which makes it incredibly...
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  • Cleopatra Perfume

    for invoking the regal queen within

    Revive your inner goddess with my Cleopatra Perfume - handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of jasmine essential oils sourced from around the world. In addition, every bottle is infused with a lapis lazuli chip stone for an extra flair of confidence,...
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  • Magical Traveling Tool Case

    for holding your sacred tools

    Keep your most precious tools safe in this Magical Traveling Tool Case. This custom case was created exclusively for SG, and it’s like a pencil case for all of your favorite magical goodies! The case has Sage Goddess and the moon phases on the front...
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  • Magical Traveling Medicine Case

    for moon magic and tools on-the-go

    This Magical Traveling Medicine Case is here to help you get organized this year! This custom case was created exclusively for SG and it’s like a lunch box for all of your favorite magical goodies! The case has Sage Goddess and the moon phases on...
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  • Labradorite Ajna Activating Athames for directing psychic energy

    Explore another level of magic with these rare and beautiful Labradorite Ajna Activating Athames, custom-made especially for SG! Athames are ceremonial blades, traditional magical tools in Wiccan and Pagan rituals and spellwork. Athames are often associated with the elements of air and fire and used...
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  • Full Moon Intention Candle

    for illuminated fulfillment

    I’m so excited to bring this customer favorite back to the shop! If you love honoring the cycles of the Moon as much as I do, then my Full Moon Intention Candle is the perfect offering for you to incorporate into your full moon meditations...
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  • Triple Moon Magic Sphere Stand

    for lunar vibrations

    Enjoy the powerful vibrations of La Luna with the return of this Triple Moon Magic Sphere Stand from India! This wooden engraved piece is perfect for your favorite spheres. We like spheres at Sage Goddess because they radiate energy in all directions – above, below,...
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  • It’s Only a Phase Moon Magic Notebook

    to honor change

    Track the stages and development of your spiritual journey with this It’s Only a Phase Moon Magic Notebook! This spiral notebook was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and the pages are lined, detachable, and 3-hole punched. There’s also a pocket on the inside, perfect for...
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  • Titanium Aura Quartz Triple Moon

    for emotional strength

    With its beautiful fusion of colors from rich yellows to orange to green to blue, this Titanium Aura Quartz Triple Moon is like a rainbow of promise. Titanium aura quartz enhances your personal power, helping you see the brighter side of life with renewed energy,...
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  • Mind Magic Perfume Intention Drops

    for wisdom

    If you missed out on my Gemini New Moon Make Mind Magic Set, now’s your chance to get in on the magic! Perceptive, curious, restless, and witty, Gemini is known in the astrological world as the messenger and storyteller – the clever master of words...
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